Mooz-lum Depicts Being Young, Muslim and Confused in America, Special Screening Sunday at the Block

Your mosque is being spied on by the FBI. Your cousin may be looking at jail time for disrupting an Israeli speaker at UC Irvine last year. Due to the actions of fundamentalist lunkheads 7,000 miles away, you could get your butt kicked by skinheads on Main Street Huntington Beach.

Face it: It ain't easy being a young Muslim in Orange County.

Writer/director Qasim Basir's film Mooz-lum adds another dynamic many young Muslims in America face: the clash between their strict upbringings and everyday life.

Splendor in the grass
Mooz-lum does not take place in Orange County, but it could. Tariq Mahdi (Evan Ross) has grown up to become angry and confused because of his overbearing father and estranged mother and sister. Then Tariq goes to college, where mentors, other young Muslims and people of other faiths open him up to an Islam he never knew existed. The 9/11 attacks come along to change everything again, forcing the lad to face his past and the biggest decisions of his life.

Co-starring Nia Long, Roger Guenveur Smith and Danny Glover, Mooz-lum is being released this weekend by Peace Films, which has partnered with digital-media company Eventful to promote and secure a deal with AMC Theatres to screen the film. Check your favorite movie site for times.

Better yet, attend the special screening the Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) hosts at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at the Block of Orange. Seating is limited. Purchase your $10 tickets at

Here's the trailer:

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Hate continues to be fueled by lies and sound bites. The Occidental or Western as *Ageofknowledge sees is exceptionally great. The people that have built democracy are the victims or your White (Western) Anglo Patriarchal mentality. Western is a euphemism for White or European; embrace your racism I'm pretty sick of all the masks people like you use to defend and justify your biased and racist attitudes. Europeans invaded the world and the world continues to suffer from Colonialism, Genocide, and Patriarchy; much of it rooted in your so called Western democracy. You take away the indigenous culture and autonomy of people and they will revert to desperation which includes violence. Drive your American manufactured car fueled by oil won by hegemony and war. The western societies you speak of are not the same societies we experience. Stop listening to Bill O'Reilly and start making your own opinions.


the comments above this are the reason why this movie exists


Islam is a worldview advocating the complete submission of the entire world and all upon it to Allah and Islamic Law. It has a higher than normal incidence of people strapping bombs onto themselves. This is very bad. We really do need to exclude some things from our Western democracies and I think Islam might be one of them. But our Western societies wants to gain more experience apparently.


What kind of person goes around spreading such hatred when someone is of the christian faith (assuming you are Christian)! God says to love your enemies unconditionally. These people are survivors of one the the most openly expressed hatreds in the country today. To ANYONE who has any kind of hatred towards these people, than YOU are the real terrorists in America! You are only responding out of your own repressed  fears and should probably seek help for your sorry tail!

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