Downhill Skateboarders Facing Regulations and Limitations From Laguna Beach City Council

Laguna Beach: "Not on our streets, you won't!"
The rear bumpers and side panels of cars in Laguna Beach can thank the City Council for doing its part to ensure said car parts' future safety and well-being. On Tuesday evening, the council voted to create an ordinance that would prohibit the practice of high-speed skateboarding on three of the steepest and, therefore, most desirable streets in the city, along with the decision that the group should abide by the same rules of the road as everyone else. 

The two parties involved were residents who found the sport a danger and potential liability and skateboarders who felt they had as much a right to the streets as bicyclists, cars and pedestrians.

The opposition to the speedy skateboard crowd were concerned with the safety and liability of the participants as they raced--at speeds of up to 50 mph--down narrow residential streets. According to a story by The Orange County Register, residents shared stories of near-misses and the fear that an accident would result in serious injury or even death. Even if an accident, no one wants that on their conscience, all for the sake of fun.

Residents--supported by the council--felt the "speedboarders" should have to respect posted speed limits and stop signs, as well as yield to traffic and steer clear of pedestrians. 

The three restricted streets are Alta Vista Way, between Bonita Way and Solana Way; Summit Drive, between Katella Street and Bluebird Canyon Drive; and Bluebird Canyon Drive, between Morningside Drive and Cress Street.

Though the ordinance still needs to be written and voted on at a future meeting, the understanding is that it will pass quickly and go into effect immediately. In the meantime, council members are planning to meet with the various parties to come up with compromises and alternative locations where the downhill-skateboarding crowd can do its thing in peace--and not pieces.

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Everyone needs to play, regardless of age, and, I suppose, that includes acting like children, but it seems to me a public roadway is a place not to behave like children, or to play, at all, really. And, even children should understand that, to some degree. A lot of civil and responsible conduct, probably, went into the skateboarders of Laguna Beach being able to have their nice lifestyle, so hopefully they have some sense of integrity related to that. It seems like cheap scapegoating to blame things on "conservatives". That's almost like saying integrity is a conservative quality (that should be wrong on many levels). Kudos to members of the Laguna Beach city council interested in finding alternatives that might please all parties. Maybe both the concerned property owners and the thrill seekers will also show this same civil and constructive attitude.


Abe Lincoln said "A man has a right to go up and down the river, and a man has a right to cross the river" which ultimately has led to all bridges being built to allow such traffic on the river. Just saying Abe would also say "A man has a right to go down a big hill on a skateboard" and I'm glad it looks like the Laguna Beach City Council is upholding Lincolns precedent by accomadating this new and thrilling activity that SHOULD NOT be dampened by the staunch conservatives who are trying to spoil this exciting new activity!!!

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