[UPDATED] Irvine 11 Charged With Misdemeanors, Face Jail, Probation, Community Service if Convicted


UPDATED, FEB. 28, 8:33 A.M.: The Islamic Institute of Orange County (IIOC) hosts "Stand With the Irvine 11: Community Town Hall and Action" at 6:30 p.m. Saturday in the IIOC Multipurpose Room, 1220 N. State College Blvd., Irvine.

The event flier follows after the jump.

(Scroll down a couple of posts in case you missed the important correction to the item about officials from UC Irvine and the Orange County district attorney's office having met with a Simon Wiesenthal Center director.)

History professor Jon Wiener is among the 100 faculty members pleading on behalf of the Irvine 11.
UPDATED, FEB. 9, 2:46 P.M.: "As faculty of the University of California, Irvine, we are deeply distressed by the decision of the Orange County district attorney to file criminal charges against the students who disrupted Ambassador Michael Oren's speech on campus," reads a letter signed by 100 campus faculty members urging Tony Rackauckas to "dismiss" the case.

Signers include 14 Chancellor's Professors and Distinguished Professors, as well as Dean of the Law School Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of Social Ecology Valerie Jenness, Dean of Humanities Vicki Ruiz, Dean of Undergraduate Education Sharon Salinger and Executive Vice Dean of Medicine F. Allan Hubbell.

Others who signed include: Pulitzer Prize-winning writers Jack Miles and Barry Siegel (of the literary journalism program); neurobiology pioneer James McGaugh; history scholar, FBI John Lennon files expert and Weekly pal Jon Wiener; Penelope Maddy, famous for her work in the philosophy of mathematics; award-winning historian of China Kenneth Pomeranz; and seven law professors.

They concede, "The students were wrong to prevent a speaker invited to the campus from speaking and being heard," but they note the so-called Irvine 11 and UCI's Muslim Student Union "were disciplined for this conduct by the university, including the MSU being suspended from being a student organization for a quarter."

That university punishment is characterized as "sufficient," while the criminal charges are deemed "detrimental to our campus" and "a dangerous precedent for the use of the criminal law against nonviolent protests on campus."

Rackauckas is accused of "undoing the healing process which has occurred over the last year." But, if the district attorney continues to press the case, the faculty urges him and the students "to agree to resolve the matter" with punishments of community service, short probation (i.e., no jail time) and the removal of the charges from individual records.

Susan Schroeder, Rackauckas' chief of staff, tells The Orange County Register the district attorney's office has received hundreds of letters in support and opposition to the charges against the students, but they are not what is driving the criminal case. The law is, she is reported to have said.

Here is the full letter and signatures (which you can also see on UCI.edu):

As faculty of the University of California, Irvine, we are deeply distressed by the decision of the Orange County district attorney to file criminal charges against the students who disrupted Ambassador Michael Oren's speech on campus. The students were wrong to prevent a speaker invited to the campus from speaking and being heard. And the Muslim Student Union acted inappropriately in coordinating this and in misrepresenting its involvement to university officials.  But the individual students and the Muslim Student Union were disciplined for this conduct by the university, including the MSU being suspended from being a student organization for a quarter. This is sufficient punishment.  There is no need for criminal prosecution and criminal sanctions. The use of the criminal justice system will be detrimental to our campus as it inherently will be divisive and risk undoing the healing process which has occurred over the last year. It also sets a dangerous precedent for the use of the criminal law against nonviolent protests on campus.

We urge the district attorney to dismiss the criminal charges. At the very least, we urge the district attorney and the students to agree to resolve the charges with the students performing community service and a short probation, after which the matter will be expunged from the students' records.

Frank D. Bean, Chancellor's Professor of Sociology
Kitty Calavita, Chancellor's Professor of Criminology, Law and Society
Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, School of Law
Joseph F. C. DiMento, Professor of Law and Policy, Planning & Design
Valerie Jenness, Dean, School of Social Ecology
Catherine Liu, Director, Humanities Center
Duncan Luce, Distinguished Research Professor of Cognitive Science
Penelope Maddy, Distinguished Professor of Logic & Philosophy of Science
George Marcus, Chancellor's Professor of Anthropology
James M. McGaugh, Research Professor, Neurobiology and Behavior
Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Chancellor's Professor of Law
Jack Miles, Distinguished Professor of English and Religious Studies
Mark Petracca, Chair, Dept. of Political Science
Kenneth Pomeranz, Chancellor's Professor of History
Vicki Ruiz, Dean, School of Humanities
Sharon Salinger, Dean of Undergraduate Education
Barry Siegel, Director, Literary Journalism Program
Brook Thomas, Chancellor's Professor of English
Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Chair, Dept. of History
Henry Weinstein, Senior Lecturer in Law and Literary Journalism
Jon Wiener, Professor of History
Dan L. Burk, Chancellor's Professor of Law
Catherine Fisk, Chancellor's Professor of Law
David A. Snow, Chancellor's Professor of Sociology
F. Allan Hubbell, Executive Vice Dean, School of Medicine
Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Distinguished Professor of English  & Comparative Literature
Etienne Balibar, Distinguished Professor of Humanities
Greg Duncan, Distinguished Professor of Education
Grace C. Tonner, Associate Dean of Lawyering Skills
Ulrike Strasser, Associate Professor, History and Director, European Studies
Irene Tucker, Associate Professor of English
James Given, Professor of History
Dickson D. Bruce, Jr., Professor of History, Emeritus
Hugh Roberts, Assoc. Prof. Dept. of English
Robert Newsom, Professor Emeritus, Department of English
Mark Poster, Emeritus Professor, Film and Media Studies and History
Sharon Block, Associate Professor of History
Ann Van Sant, English
Jennifer Terry, Chair and Associate Professor of Women's Studies
Laura J. Mitchell, Associate Professor of History
Emily Rosenberg, Professor of History
R. Radhakrishnan, Chancellor's Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Eyal Amiran, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature and Film and Media Studies
Jerome Christensen, Professor of English
Susan Jarratt, Comparative Literature
Rebeca Helfer, English Department
Annette Schlichter, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature
Timothy Tackett, Professor of History
Touraj Daryaee, History Department
Carolyn P. Boyd, Professor Emerita, Department of History
Amy Wilentz, Professor of English and Literary Journalism
Victoria Silver, Associate Professor of English
Alice Fahs, Associate Professor of History
Anne Walthall, Professor of History
Laura Kang, Associate Professor of Women's Studies
Alexander Gelley, Professor, Dept. of Comparative Literature
Elizabeth Allen, Associate Professor of English
Rubén G. Rumbaut, Professor of Sociology
David A.  Smith, Professor of Sociology and Planning, Policy and Design
Sarah Farmer, Associate Professor of History
Raul Fernandez, Social Sciences/Chicano Latino Studies
Keith Nelson, Professor Emeritus of History, Director, Program in Religious Studies
Estela Zarate, Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Leo Chavez, Anthropology
Deborah R. Vargas, Assistant Professor, Chicano/Latino Studies
Thurston Domina, Assistant Professor of Education and Sociology
DeSipio, Chair, Department of Chicano/Latino Studies
Jutta Heckhausen, Professor, Psychology and Social Behavior
Heidi Tinsman, Associate Professor of History
Ellen Burt, Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Belinda Robnett-Olsen, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Robert Folkenflik, Edward A. Dickson Emeritus Professor of English
Ron Carlson, Professor of English
Edwin Amenta, Professor of Sociology and History
Francesca Polletta, Professor of Sociology
Susan K. Brown, Associate Professor of Sociology
Adriana Johnson, Comparative Literature
Rachel Sarah O'Toole, Assistant Professor, History Department
Nancy McLaughlin, Assistant Professor, History Department
Steven C. Topik, Professor of History
Gilbert G. Gonzalez, Professor, Chicano-Latino Studies
Judy Stepan-Norris, Sociology
Julia Reinhard Lupton, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Spencer Olin, Professor Emeritus of History
Glen Mimura, Associate Dean of Graduate Study, School of Humanities
Ana Elizabeth Rosas, Assistant Professor, Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies and History
Robert Moeller, Department of History
Elizabeth M. Guthrie, French, retired
Cecile Whiting, Chair, Department of Art History
Cynthia Feliciano, Associate Professor, Sociology and Chicano/Latino Studies
David S. Meyer, Professor, Sociology
Charlie Chubb, Professor, Cognitive Sciences
Alejandro Morales, Professor, Department of Chicano/Latino Studies
Ian Munro, Associate Professor of Drama
Luke Hegel-Cantarella, Head of Scenic Design - Claire Trevor School of the Arts
David Igler, Associate Professor of History
Stephen Barker, Associate Dean, Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Cliff Faulkner, Senior Lecturer, Drama Department
Vincent Olivieri, Designer/Composer/Assistant Professor, Drama Department
Carol Burke, Professor, English

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Student jewish groups who protested Netanyahu, were never arrested, were never reprimanded. Yet Muslims who do the same are being prosecuted now...Racism is ugly.

Remember the group of young Jewish Voice for Peace activists who protested Israeli policy during Netanyahu’s speech in NOLA last November? You might recall that the young protesters were forcibly removed from the auditorium but faced no legal sanctions. (You may also recall that they were hailed as heroes by many Jewish editorial writers.)

If you don't remember, well here is the video in all its glory. WATCH IT!:


This DA is out of touch and is looking for future higher office. He will make his first trip to Israel next year probbaly, paid by the OC office of AIPAC.


Muslims should not be allowed in America.. if they dont like the way we live then they should LEAVE>.. Dont they get it, Americans DONT like muslims.


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Adina Hemley
Adina Hemley

Thanks so much for covering this issue. As the director of UCR's Hillel, I was glad to be present so that I could listen to the discussion between Rabbi Aron Hier and the OC DA's office. At this time, however, I am still grappling with what the ramifications should be in this case.

 Orange County Jail
Orange County Jail

If convicted, they could be fined and/or sentenced to probation with community service or six months in jail.


Why dont we try them according to Sharia law ... Then we can cut their tounges out or chop off a hand... Or the ever popular death by stoning. Unfortuntely us "White Devils" have laws requiring you to be judged by a jury of your peers (Not Radical Clerics). And we have laws against cruel and anusual punishment (Unlike the supposed religion of peace)


Wouldn't the common sense solution be to remove them from the forum. Arrest them only if they resist removal. Our nation was founded on protests against the British. It is almost an American thing to do within limits. They are college students not terrorists. The DA is totally misguided in his approach to this.


Looked pretty clear in the embarrassing video that thats free speech violation and added with their premeditative communication seems to have broken law. As a middle eastern I agree with some msu viewpoints on injustices and human rights violations in respect to Israel, and its good to bring some of those to light. Except they steer clear of all the blatant intolerance and repression that is so widespread in arab countries, most of it justified by islamic law. Around campus they pretend they are better than others because of their constant activism and the fact we don't join their prayers or because we like to have a beer or two on weekends and chase girls. I should note thats my subjective opinion based on my experiences as a student at UCI, so i'm sure others may not see it that way. In fact as a student, all the israel-palestine crap (on both sides) is very annoying


"Rabbi Aron Hier's got juice." Careful Matt!

you smell like a jew
you smell like a jew

well, i guess this blows up the myth that jews control this country (sarcasm)


Good article.

I share Hier's views. If controversial speakers cannot give a lecture at a lecture hall at a university without planned repeated disruptions, something is wrong. The boorish behavior should not be tolerated at a university. Protest outside the lecture hall if you don't like a speaker's viewpoint. Let everyone hear what they want to hear and decide for themselves which viewpoint they determine is the most reasonable.


Will these UCI students, in the video I posted below, be prosecuted from shouting down and blocking an invited guest from delivering his speech? They are the Republican and Jewish student organizations at UCI.

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Where is Tony and his charges against them? Oh, that's right they are not Muslim. Selective prosecution in order to garner some future political favors from the wealthy Israeli- Firsters.

Islamophobia and racism at play here


first you let em live here

then they want their minarets so the whole neighborhood could hear when THEY need to pray; b/c allah forbid them to set an alarm clock.

Then they want Islamic Banking

Then they want Shariah Law

If you give em an inch they'll suicide bomb your life away

I say if you want to come to America to escape the repressive regime you had to suffer under, thats fine.

But when you come over to our land and start telling US how YOU are going to do things, I hope shit like this happens to you.

We are not France. We are Not England.



ps. It's as if prosecutors are trying to make an huge mountain out of a mole hill regarding the 11 students as they continue to try to make a tiny mole hill out of the tip of a huge iceberg of conspired sex crimes by church officials in the Catholic Church.


I'm no law expert or understand the dynamics surrounding this event/alleged crimes by 11 students who protested and are accused of conspiracy to disrupt a meeting.

What I do know is that it feels very hypocritical and suspect to me what the DA is doing.

I guess charging the group's protesters could be yet another one of many ways prosecutors could allegedly deter attention from their giving deference to many Catholic Church officials' decades of conspiracy in their alleged deliberate, organized, repetitive and collective effort to cover-up horrific sex crimes by their molesting clerics. The evidence is overwhelming, in my opinion, yet it appears the DA and other prosecutors ignore that.

Go ahead complicit Catholic officials, keep on conspiring, protecting and shuffling molesting/raping/sodomizing clerics around--that seems to be the message criminal prosecutors' are sending out.

So far, no prosecutor has stop those crimes to protect others by enforcing the Rico Statute laws against that organization's bosses.

It's a horrific travesty of justice that government authorities appear to be turning a blind eye and giving free passes to complicit Catholic officials' organized cover-ups of child sex abuse. Not one bishop or cardinal in the US has been prosecuted. Gee, that's odd. The word unconsiounable comes to mind.

And ironically and coincidentally, that's the church Rackaucas and LA DA Cooley also belongs to?


I'm a guy, my name is Gustavo Gutierrez. I'm half Mexican and 1/4 Afghan Persian, my grandfather immigrated to this country in the 1960s from Kabul, he was a member of the Royal Afghan Air Force. He married my Christian grandmother, who is still an active member of the Southern Baptist Convention. My Shia Muslim grandfather died of alcohol-induced cirrhosis, committed adultery against my grandmother, and married his Iranian Kurdish mistress.

Talk about a Muslim "Bollywood" soap opera.

I'm aware of the cultural misogyny practiced among some Muslims.

When I attended UCLA, I never joined MSA. They were too "conservative" for me and other fellow Afghan and Iranian Americans I knew.

However, these students did nothing criminal. Their actions, although ill-advised, are no different from what Chicano activists do all the time at Chicano academic conferences.

I minored in Chicana,-o studies at UCLA. Every time I attended an academic conference, mechistas (members of MEChA) would disrupt the proceedings with theatrics. This is a common practice among "progressive students of color" at UCLA.

Such tactics are not uncommon even among college students studying on the Orange coast.


If someone gets talked into the crime of disrupting other people education, then they should pay the price of their crime, or turn states evidence and turn in the real criminals.

Students pay thousands of dollars to get a quality higher education at these name brand universities. It is such a shame to that “time of their life” spoiled by selfless malcontents, who for the most part, don’t even know what they are protesting.

Shark lips
Shark lips

Ladies and gentlemen the DA and entire OCDA is corrupt as hell- dont fool yourselves to think otherwise


Gustavo Arellano,

Shouldn't you also be criticizing those who make inflammatory statements against all Muslims as "being this or that."

I'm a Latino Muslim, I still on occasion drink a Corona, love carnitas (pork product), and live with dogs.

Criticizing Israeli policies should not come down to making derogatory statements against all Jews.

In this case, I think the DA is making a flawed decision. These students were disruptive, but what college activists aren't?


Israeli policy towards the Palestinians should not be immune from criticism.

I agree that the students were rude and inappropriate, however, they should not be facing a misdemeanor with a possible fine or even jail time.

In this age of crushing government deficits, this is a waste of money.


F the aclu and Muslim sympathisers!!! Send EVERY MUSLIM and I MEAN EVERY MUSLIM packin and QUIT funding the aclu with TAXPAYER MONEY!!!!


Also lets not forget that the radical zionist, Daniel Pipes, started Campus Watch. THey are a modern day brownshirt PC gestapo of radical terroristic zionists who patrol colleges and make huge scenes if a teacher dares to tell the truth about Israeli history or discuss the suffering of Palestinians and the various plights they've suffered for over 70 yrs. CAMPUS WATCH is made up of Jews of course so there's no way they would ever be prosecuted. They could murder a professor and 5 weeks later be "deported" to Israel. Remember every jew is automatically a dual citizen and israel is the only country in the world who won't validate or honor extradition treaties. Even for mass murder, child trafficking, and organ theft.

Does anyone know why these examples weren't established in court? Anyone who's got links to the day to day of the trial coming from a non-biased perspective, please post links.. Thanks.


Under this type of "law", you could put every member of Congress and the Senate on trial. I have seen politicians, who are supposed to be representatives of the people, get their microphones shut off by opposing parties, lights turned off, whole parties leaving the conference room, etc. I too have seen this at Peace Conferences, like the time Jews disrupted the damn President of Iran! Yet nothing happened to them. They were way more disruptive.

Our courts are a joke. Unless you're Jewish, you will be framed and jailed. If you're jewish, you can do anything and get away with it. Have sex with 100's of 13 yr old girls like the billionaire jew in Boca Raton, FL. You can spit on priests, attack pregnant mothers and the elderly, get caught with grenades and rocket launchers, commit espionage, even help in making 9-11 happen or at the very least not stop it or report it. The list is huge.

I ask you 1 favor. Go on YouTube and type in "Irvine 11" and just watch the taped video of the event. There were 100's of jews there attacking anyone who looked Muslim. Two Muslim girls were harrassed for over an hour by jews behind her. And I'm talking not about students, but local jews from the area that were in their 50's and 60's. The amount of hate and vitriol is not coming from any Muslim, but from local OC jews who went completely ballistic. This judgement by the courts proves just how deeply corrupt our court system is.


The D.A. is a political whore trying to score points with folks that don't like Muslims (most of Orange County). The fact is, University punishment for their actions is sufficient.


Larry Flynt: If the First Amendment will protect a scumbag like me, it will protect all of you.

Raymundo Garcia
Raymundo Garcia

Tony Rackauckass is a freaking Jew what do you expect of-course his going to try and jail the protesters. Personally I do not like any religion and I think of the followers of any religion as extremely weak minded.


Hi Bigot. You are obviously not very intelligent, but I know you watch hours of Television. so here is an easy one; ALL those Arabs and Muslims you have been viewing on the streets, the past month demanding freedom from the US Puppet Dictators, simply didn't register in that thick head of yours? You still believe they hate freedom, and that Americans hate Muslims? Well here is some shocking news for you, Arabs and Muslims love freedom, want to be free, and don't want your puppet dictators force fed down their damn throats.

There are over 20 Million Muslims Americans in this country. So yes, that's 20 million Americans that do like Muslims.

Get a clue.


Those are completely unnecessary, boisterous charges. It should have been left at the university level. This is an abuse of authority.


I watched a video of the episode and it appeared that, once a student would shout what he had to say, he would then allow himself to be escorted out without any incident.


amen! zot zot.


well said.

The MSU does a disservice to the Muslim community. The MSU fits right into angry Muslim stereotype. If people do not have interactions with the majority of Muslims in Orange County who are mellow, they might think that a lot of Muslims think and act like the MSU. The MSU is a very small minority group that gets in the newspapers and that is the only information some people have of the Muslim community.

My guess is that most Jews and Muslims in Orange County would agree on what would be required for a peaceful two state solution, which it appears the MSU does not support. It is sad the radicals who yell the loudest get the most attention.


Just curious, how do you know there were Jewish organizations involved in this incident?

I believe the statue of limitations for charges has long expired from this incident. It looks to be about 10 years old. The College Republicans were wrong here. They should have received some penalty since they did violate the speaker’s right to speak. The lack of leadership from the university for allowing a group a heckers veto has long been long term problem.


Who are these people who apparently are such a big threat to the American way of life? The vast majority of the Muslims I know are pretty assimilated. The others are devout in their religion and violence is not their way.


Um, you're not a good Muslim if you're eating pork or drinking alcohol...


Dude, you don't get it.

People like me aren't upset that the students were critical of Israel. I am upset with their actions because they (and it looks like you) do not understand the basic principals of freedom of speech or civil discourse.

The students were free to be as critical as they wanted to be outside the lecture. They could have handed out flyers presenting their point of view. They had no right to repeatedly disrupt it a speaker given a presentation in a lecture hall. That is not an exercise of free speech. They need to be taught that this was not acceptable behavior at a university.


People like you justify why Israel needs to continue to exist.


Flynt is a jew. All in porn that are successful are jews. I had many friends in that business both behind and in front of the camera. There's a few exceptions, but for the most part the power in porn is jewish all the way.


The DA is not charging them with terrorism.

If you take the time to go to a university to listen to a lecture, do you want to have to deal with boorish students who plan to repeatedly disrupt the speaker?

According to prosecutors, students circulated e-mails and held multiple meetings to plan the disruption of the speech.

If the kids admit that they made a mistake, give them community service and wipe this off their record. If the kids think they didn't do anything wroing, maybe they will learn something from this experience.


Just like you have Christmas/Easter Catholics, I'm a Ramadan Muslim, only observant for part of the year!


But the university *did* take action. THAT is how you teach students to behave, not tossing disproportionate punishments of a criminal nature around. I've been at several lectures at UCI as a student and seen both sides behave in extremely rude ways to each other. These actions never resulted in criminal charges. And personally as a non-Jewish, non-Muslim person who has friends of both faiths I would LOVE seeing the "religious weeks" removed from the campus. They are divisive and I did not feel any more educated, simply more disgusted at the hatred spewed from all sides. Instead, why don't you have a required course in world religions for everyone? Or maybe just the Judeo-Christian ones, since those seem to be the least willing to learn about each other in a non-judgmental way (I'm still waiting for the Buddhist invasion... I will only be sad to see the BBQ go...). There's a reason that so many professors and lecturers- many of whom are Jewish- signed that petition to drop the criminal charges, and it's not because they are stupid or don't understand free speech, etc, etc...


In Mexico, many pornographers are of Lebanese Christian descent.


I think you took a wrong turn to spew your anti-Semitic drivel—the American Third Position discussion boards are thataway, just next to the slugs.


A fellow UCLA alum!

Me llamo Gustavo, tambien! You're the infamous "Ask a Mexican!"


Ah, a Mexican Muslim, wouldn't that make you too lazy to blow yourself up?


And many of the whores are Mexicans.


He's basing this comment on the impressive size of their members and the fact that they are circumcised. More jealousy and inferiority than overt racist commentary. Maybe there is a need for an Ask a Jewish Porn Star column in the Weekly....

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