Immigration Detainee Dies at Theo Lacy Jail

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Remember that cover story that ran in the Weekly a few weeks back about suicides and strange deaths inside Orange County jails? The one that mentioned how the Sheriff's Department is filling up empty bunks with hundreds of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees?

Well, now we can add an ICE detainee to the list of recent deaths inside the jail system. According to a Feb. 1 article in The Orange County Register, a 55-year-old Honduran named Jose Aguilar-Espinoza suffered a heart attack inside Theo Lacy and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter at UCI Medical Center.

As is routine with all deaths that occur inside the OC Jail, the district attorney's office will investigate the incident and won't comment until that's done. Neither will the Sheriff's Department, for that matter. An autopsy is pending. Besides that, all we know so far is that Espinoza was arrested on Jan. 12 and was awaiting a deportation hearing, along with about 800 other ICE detainees currently housed in OC jails.

He's the fifth detainee to die nationwide since Oct. 1.

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I heard there was another death in December that has been covered up. Hopefully it is a Rumor........


If Jose Espinoza had stayed in Honduras then he wouldn't have died while being detained in the USA for breaking our laws.

Anyway, he died of a heart attack. How is this newsworthy?

Send a bill to his family in Honduras to cover shipping and handling.


Thats Funny as all hell. The OCDA and the OC Sheriffs Dept are known for corruption and here we are working hand in hand to protect the county from a lawsuit. Thats funny as all hell


It would not suprise me one iota if there had been a covered up death at a facility.  I witnessed first-hand the in-humane (at the least) treatment of immigration detainees by un-trained deputies inside the Theo Lacy Facility.  Much too horrific to detail here : - (

This whole business of housing Federal Detainees with the Sheriff's Department in Orange County generates $30 million -  there's a lot of money at stake.  This is corruption at the highest level.  Shame on you for turning a blind eye U.S.A.!

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