Flickr Photo of the Week: A Bald Eagle in Orange?

Flickr user CTNelson
Behind the jump: Check out this week's Flickr Photo of the Week, by Flickr user CTNelson.

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Flickr user CTNelson
Flickr user CTNelson says: "It is pretty rare to see one of these in Orange County, fact I have never seen one in my 30+ years living here. This guy has a crush on a captive Eagle at the Orange County Zoo and he stops by everyday. That is what the news said last night so I figured I should go cheer him on. I have been without my Camera for over 3 weeks until now and it is sure nice to grab an image I will not soon forget... if ever. It was an amazing sight to see as he came in and landed. Quite the lady killer too....."

For more info on this wild male eagle obsessed his zoo friend, click here.

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