Douglas John A. Mackenzie, One Sick Bastard, Deserves Sexually Violent Predator Tag, Says OCDA

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Douglas John A. Mackenzie met a woman and her 7-year-old son at a local church gathering in the U.K., befriended them and moved in with them. Later, when he wasn't raping the boy, he was convincing the mother to conceive a child in vitro with his sperm because he wanted to be a father but claimed to be a virgin. He later told her she would have to abort if she conceived a girl. The woman gave birth to a boy who moved with Mackenzie to Irvine while the mother and older son remained in the U.K. The older boy was often sent on unaccompanied trips to visit Mackenzie, who videotaped himself digitally penetrating the then-10- to 12-year-old's anus, licking the boy's ass, rubbing and licking the lad's penis, as well as scenes of them blowing each other and wrestling naked. Mackenzie's reign of terror ended when the mother discovered Mackenzie had mentioned their baby "is going to be really useful when he is older because I can call him out of his room, and he can give me and my friends blowjobs while we're watching football."

Needless to say, the Orange County district attorney's office (OCDA) freaked when it learned this sick fuck was about to be set free.

Courtesy of OCDA
The district attorney wants Douglas John A. Mackenzie declared a sexually violent predator.
In January 2010, Mackenzie pleaded guilty to five felony counts of lewd acts on a child under 14 and one felony count of using a minor for sex acts for the purposes of making pornography, for which he received a 10-year prison sentence. But he also received credit for time served while awaiting charges surrounding an unrelated sexual-assault case in Canada that was later dropped.

The OCDA is now pulling out all the stops to keep Mackenzie locked up. After filing a petition Thursday to have the 34-year-old declared a sexually violent predator (SVP), the OCDA had him brought to Orange County from Wasco State Prison to attend a Santa Ana court hearing on the matter Monday.

Two mental-health evaluators must now determine if Mackenzie meets the criteria to be declared a SVP. Their recommendations will then be forwarded to a jury for a final decision. If Mackenzie is declared a SVP, he would remain under guard until he is deemed safe to return to society.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Mackenzie's crimes (reported and otherwise) continues, as a new case could produce another lengthy prison sentence. The OCDA is asking anyone with additional information or who believes they have been victimized by him to contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Lou Gutierrez at (714) 347-8794.

The Weekly is not 100 percent positive, but we believe Mackenzie may have been mentioned in Nick Schou's March 2010 cover story "The Bad Detective," which was about Joseph Szeles, a licensed private investigator with Orange County Superior Court's Alternate Defense Services and his methods while working on behalf of clients locked up in Orange County Jail. Schou's story lists a Douglas Mackenzie as one of Szeles' clients.

Here is the OCDA statement on the case:

February 14, 2011


SANTA ANA - A convicted sex offender appeared in court today following the Orange County District Attorney's Office (OCDA) filing a petition to have him civilly committed as a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP). Douglas John A. Mackenzie, 34, pleaded guilty Jan. 15, 2010, to five felony counts of lewd acts on a child under 14 and one felony count of using a minor for sex acts for the purposes of making pornography. He was sentenced to 10 years in state prison and received credit for time served awaiting charges surrounding an unrelated sexual assault case which was filed in Canada and later dropped. The OCDA filed a petition Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011, to have Mackenzie civilly committed as an SVP. Mackenzie was transported over the weekend by OCDA Investigators from Wasco State Prison to the Orange County Jail to appear for the hearing.

SVP Petition
Under the law, inmates are subject to mental health reviews by the Department of Mental Health (DMH) once they have completed their criminal sentence. The People may file a petition to have the defendant civilly committed only if the mental health evaluators determine the inmate meets the criteria of an SVP. There are three criteria that must be met in order to designate a person as SVP. First, the defendant must have committed at least one sexually violent offense.  Second, he/she must be diagnosed with a mental disorder. Finally, it must be found that he/she is likely to re-offend unless he/she is held in custody and treated.

Two evaluators must reach the same opinion that the inmate meets the SVP criteria in order for the OCDA to file an SVP petition. If the evaluators disagree, a second pair of evaluators will conduct mental health reviews of the inmate. Only if the evaluators determine the inmate meets the SVP criteria, the DMH will submit a Request to File a Petition to the OCDA, who is then authorized to seek civil commitment. A jury is presented the evidence to decide if the inmate is a continued threat to the community, and if the criteria (above) are found true by the jury, the inmate is admitted into a mental care facility. 

Sexual assault of John Doe
Beginning in December 1995, Mackenzie met 7-year-old John Doe at a local church youth group in London, United Kingdom. He began grooming John Doe after gaining the trust of the victim's mother, Mother Doe, by driving John Doe home from church functions. Mackenzie groomed John Doe by buying the victim expensive toys and clothing and taking him to the theater and began sexually assaulting and filming John Doe. Mackenzie moved in with John Doe and his mother. Mackenzie convinced Mother Doe to be a surrogate mother for him by telling her that he wanted to have a child while he was still young but was an asexual virgin who had no interest in sex. In 1997, they traveled to a Los Angeles sperm bank, chose a donor, and Mother Doe was artificially inseminated.

After Mackenzie and Mother Doe returned to the United Kingdom she becomes pregnant, Mackenzie told Mother Doe that if the baby was female, she would have to abort it. Mackenzie paid for her to undergo a test that determined that the unborn child was male. Baby Doe was born Feb. 20, 1998.  In August 1999, when Baby Doe was 18 months old, Mackenzie moved with the newborn to Irvine. Mother Doe and John Doe remained living in the United Kingdom.

Between Oct. 15, 1999 and May 25, 1999, Mother Doe sent John Doe unaccompanied to visit Mackenzie and Baby Doe in Irvine on four separate occasions. During these visits, Mackenzie videotaped himself sexually assaulting John Doe, then-10 to 12 years old, including digitally penetrating John Doe's anus, licking the victim's buttocks, engaging in mutual oral copulation, naked wrestling with the victim, rubbing and licking the victim's genitals, and other sex acts.

In October 1999, Mother Doe's teenage daughter visited Mackenzie and stayed at his Irvine home with John Doe and Baby Doe. After returning to the United Kingdom, she told Mother Doe that Mackenzie said "Baby Doe is going to be really useful when he is older because I can call him out of his room and he can give me and my friends blowjobs while we're watching football."

In September 2000, Mother Doe saw a videotape that showed Mackenzie committing sex acts with her son John Doe as described above in her London home and later reported it to police.

Upon further investigation and communication between United Kingdom authorities, the Irvine Police Department, and Orange County Social Services police discovered that Mackenzie had fled with Baby Doe to Canada, leaving behind several photographs of John Doe in sexually explicit poses and videotapes depicting Mackenzie engaging in sex acts with John Doe at both the Irvine and London residences. Baby Doe is seen awake during many scenes of these tapes. The OCDA filed charges against Mackenzie Feb. 2, 2001, and he was arrested Feb. 9, 2001, by Toronto police in Canada. Following his arrest, Mackenzie posted $1.2 million bail in Canada pending extradition.

On April 8, 2002, Mackenzie was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a female minor while out on bail in Canada. He was held in custody until he was convicted in January 2010. The charges surrounding the sexual assault of the female minor were eventually dropped by Canadian authorities after the minor and her mother refused to cooperate with the prosecution.

Between April 2002 and November 2005, Mackenzie filed multiple petitions to have the Canadian extradition order overturned. In November 2005, he was extradited from Canada to Orange County to face trial for the crimes against John Doe. Mackenzie pleaded guilty Jan. 15, 2010, to five felony counts of lewd acts on a child under 14 and one felony count of using a minor for sex acts for the purposes of making pornography. He was sentenced to 10 years in state prison and received credit for time served.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with additional information or who believes they have been a victim is encouraged to contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Lou Gutierrez at (714) 347-8794.

Deputy District Attorney Noorul Hasan of the Sexual Assault Unit is handling this case for the OCDA.

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Garage Sale
Garage Sale

I have to agree with Wet Lion. Folks just assume that the Police and or the DA are honest above board people that do nothing but report honestly and never lie or fabricate the truth and so forth. Just pick up any newspaper in the land and read it. Nearly every single day there is a story about a crooked Police Officer or corrupt District Attorney. We cant just continue to ignore these stories like they are few and far between stories its gone way beyond that.

The is so much corruption anymore its out of control.

Wet Lion
Wet Lion

You think because the OCDA thinks this guy is guilty we are all suppose to just believe it and hang him?? Hell no I say. The OCDA is not a completely honest Group at all. I know personally they lie, steal, report false material and more so.

I for one dont believe hardly ANYTHING the OCDA says at all anymore. Your foolish if you think just because the OCDA says so you should believe them HELL NO


Credit must be given to the Canadian police to make up the sexual assault charges against this man on a female. A good strategy to toss him back in jail while on bail, and secure him from going on the run, and victimizing other boys.


Kill this sick bas tard. Kill him now!

-From a guy who used to think the death penalthy was evil, until he learned what evil really is upon reading about sick fks like this dude.


I met this guy before, he claims to have been at a private school for boys. This was to have happened in Ontario Canada. He is highly intelligent and very well spoken. He could charm just about anyone. Lock him away forever, there is no cure for his addiction to sexually abuse children!


He was on VIDEO SEXUALLY ASSAULTING this kid. Can't be more guilty than that.

Dr. Watson
Dr. Watson

The OCDA does not seek civil committment of every sick fuck. Otherwise they would have come after you.

Matthew T. Coker
Matthew T. Coker

Wet Lion, if the DA or anyone else made this up about me, I would not plead guilty.

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