[UPDATED: All Clear] BREAKING: Disneyland, The Happiest Place On Earth Ain't so Happy, Currently on Lock-Down

UPDATE, 1:51 P.M.: The Orange County Register reports that authorities indicated the "suspicious device" that was the catalyst for all the Disneyland hysteria was a geocache. Confused? You should be. A geocache is a GPS item that is used for techy treasure hunts.

What happened to going door to door and asking for items? 

The bomb squad was called in to investigate the item, which was found on a box on a walking bridge near the ESPN Zone and House of Blues. 

UPDATE, 1:05 P.M.: Twitter user @Artimus has shared with us this photo of Disneyland personnel by @loanmagic standing guard earlier at Downtown Disney.

UPDATE, 12:40 P.M.: According to Gustavo Arellano, who is in the area for a press conference at the Grand Californian Hotel, the blockade of Disneyland Drive has been cleared.

UPDATE, 12:38 P.M.: Correction: there will be limited magic moments today. While Disneyland Drive is shut down, both Disneyland and California Adventure are open. 

The Disneyland Twitter feed seems adamant to downplay the issue:

@Disneyland The parks continue to operate as normal. Disneyland Drive has been temporarily closed.

@Disneyland Unidentified objects discovered in Downtown Disney area. In an abundance of caution, the area was evacuated. Authorities have responded.

UPDATE, 12:10 P.M.:
According to ABC7's Twitter feed, Anaheim PD are investigating a "suspicious device" found on the bridge that crosses Disneyland Drive at Downtown Disney. The device is located outside the theme park.

ORIGINAL POST, 12:03 P.M.: There won't be many magic moments made today, as entrances to the Disneyland and California Adventure parks along Disneyland Drive are blocked off by police. 

Weekly columnist Gustavo Arellano was headed up to the Grand Californian Hotel for a press conference scheduled this afternoon in regard to a class-action lawsuit against Disney for issues related to alleged identity theft. But there was no way he was getting to the hotel.

"Please turn around for your own safety" were the words being repeated by Anaheim police, who were standing guard in front of concrete dividers, closing off the park.

It has not yet been determined whether the park closure has anything to do with the issue surrounding the press conference. We will update as further details are available.

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Lol!  I love to Geocache!  Funny how they called in the bomb squad, though.  And for those of you wondering what a Geocache is, it's a little box that a person hides, and it has stuff in it.  Then you get the app on you phone and it uses GPS to tell you where the box is hidden and you have to try to find it.  If you do find it you get to sign a little piece of paper saying that you found it and you put something that belongs to you in the box for the next person to see.  It's actually really fun, I do it all the time.  :)


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Oh noes! Where am I going to get my fix of fat chicks wearing PINK sweatpants now?!?!

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