Capistrano Unified School District Has a Problem With 'Boobies'

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Busted is what kids may be if they're caught wearing an "I Love Boobies!" rubber wristband on some school campuses in OC.  

The accessory, which raises funds for the Carlsbad-based nonprofit Keep a Breast Foundation, has become popular among teens across the country, but school administrators want them left at home.

In the Capistrano Unified School District, officials have communicated to principals and other staff members that the wristband is "inappropriate." Teachers are to ask students to remove the bracelet or turn it inside-out.

"We believe that while it's for a good cause, the terminology used on the bracelet is not appropriate on any school campus, and it is most definitely not appropriate at the elementary- and middle-school level," says district spokesman Marcus Walton.

So many schools have taken issue with the bracelet that the organization posted a response on its website: "We fully understand that [the] I Love Boobies Campaign is not for everyone; however, we feel that boobies is not a four-letter word."

Last fall, two mothers filed a free-speech lawsuit against a Pennsylvania school district that suspended their daughters for wearing the bracelet.

"Seeing a bracelet with 'I Love Boobies!' on it is a conversation starter that leads to discussion and awareness of issues affecting young people," the lawsuit said.

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Boobies, as well as tits, are not just slang they could mean species of birds as well. Would they still be offended if it pertained to birds instead of breast cancer awareness?


Maybe they should be less concerned with I <3 Boobies bracelets and maybe with the girls who dress like strippers and boys who dress like thugs.

Or maybe they should focus on, let's say, education...

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