Camille Grammer's 5 Memorable Moments on the Road From Newport Beach to the Oscars

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In its infinite wisdom, CNN has hired Camille Donatacci--whom you know better as Kelsey Grammer's most recent ex-wife, Camille Grammer--to co-host its Oscar red-carpet coverage Sunday.

(And you thought Piers Morgan was stunt casting!)

In honor of Newport Beach-born Donatacci-Grammer's gig, we present five of her most memorable moments.

Amazingly, they mirror those of Katie Couric!

Camille spun a dancing career that landed her in several music videos and Club MTV in the 1980s into a modeling career in the '90s that included appearing nude in several Playboy publications. That led to a brief soft-porn career in flicks such as Marilyn Chambers' Bedtime Stories, New York Nights.

She met Kelsey Grammer on a blind date in 1996. Despite his having already been engaged thrice before and married twice before--Kelsey says his second wife, a stripper, was abusive, shot a gun at him and, after talk of divorce a year into their marriage, attempted suicide, causing a miscarriage--Camille married him in Malibu in 1997. Via a surrogate mother, they had two children to go along with the Frazier star's other three.

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