Brendan Douglas Copley, OCC Student, Accused of Badgering Woman to Bone Him Before Attacking Her

A young man walked up to a female student sitting in the quad at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa just after 8 p.m. Feb. 8. He slid in next to her and--without offering to sit in for her Physics lecture, accompanying her to the submarine races or even identifying himself as Bill Gates, Jr.--asked her to fuck him.

The shocked Lady Pirate got up and walked away. But the chap followed her and kept asking her to slap bellies. Then, just as she was reaching her next class, he grabbed the back of her dress and raised it.

He wasn't boning up on his colorectal midterm.

Orange Coast College
The scene of the slime.
As she turned around to yell at the douche, he grabbed her butt and crotch and tore her stockings. He finally fled the area when the young woman yelled for help.

Detectives who came to OCC to investigate discovered the attacker had propositioned other female students on the campus at  2701 Fairview Road. They believe he also may have hung out at nearby Vanguard University and talked to young women about their class schedules and other personal information and followed them to class.

Police claim they got a positive identification of their suspect and around 6 p.m. Thursday arrested  Brendan Douglas Copley on suspicion of sexual battery and lewd conduct. The 20-year-old Costa Mesa resident and OCC student was booked into Orange County Jail and held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

It it feared Copley tried the sick act on other young women. Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Carlos Diaz at 714.754.5097 or Sgt. Ed Everett at 714.754.5395. 

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i knew this dude from high school, always a strange acting dude, had a hard time fitting in. Dressed up as mister clean, shaved his head, and sprayed chemical cleaner on the class mates. Never thought he'd go this far. I guess we never do...

Grown up
Grown up

I am sure you were trying to be "clever" or "witty" with your account of this sexual assault. Would you like the article to be written in such a manner if the victim were your mother, sister or wife? You trivialized a very aggressive predator. Making jokes about such an assault diminishes the seriousness of such an offense. Violent sex offenders rarely start with felony rape and murder-rather they start with the very activities you chronicled.

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