Beaver Hide Trading Company 'Fesses Up to Graffiti Urging "Revolution!" at Santa Ana Chase Bank, Vow More

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Remember that mysterious graffiti earlier this month outside a SanTana Chase branch urging "Revolution!" (as seen in the photo to the right)? I openly wondered who might've done it, given political protest in the county usually doesn't take anarchistic tones, and cholos (who do most of SanTana's tagging) really don't care about politics.

Yesterday, a group calling themselves the Beaver Hide Trading Company took credit for the tag--and promised more politicized street art in SanTana and other towns in la naranja.
The following email was sent to to the Weekly:

I am part of a Santa Ana street artist group named Beaver Hide Trading Company. Being the person responsible for the message of REVOLUTION on the Chase bank on Main and Washington and after reading your article/comments we felt the need to send you this message.

The message at the bank was inspired by the events that took place in Tunisia and more recent in Egypt. A Revolution by the people. In my opinion, I think we have been in need of a revolution in this country for quite some time now. With the balance of power in favor of the supremely wealthy and the destruction of the middle working class people, it is incredible to me how we can take the punches as long as our internet is fast and the t.v. is on.

I wish I could have written the message 10x bigger. Seeing most everyone who visited the ATM or entered the bank was great. I'm sure at least one person got a hint of the message.

Beaver Hide Trading Company is based in Santa Ana (we grew up here as well - yup in the hood) and yes we ARE Mexican. We are not associated with any hate group and would never promote or be a part of any acts of violence. We are street artists that want to share our artwork with Santa Ana and other cities.

I am sending you photos of our recent work that was done when we were focused on banks.

And here it is--happened to a Bank of America just north of the Chase building, on 15th and Main streets. It's a hybrid photo/construction paper applique taped to the wall.

Let's see what these chavos do in the coming weeks...

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