Sanchez Drops Rapid Response to Jobless Rate Fall

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It was almost too close to call: the amount of time between the breaking news that the nation's unemployment rate plummeted to 9 percent and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez's e-mail blast trumpeting the lowest jobless report since April 2009.

You can't really blame the Garden Grove-based Democrat: She's obviously as tired of being tagged a member of the Party of No Economic Future as the rest of 'em.

However, it must be noted that despite the unemployment rate falling, U.S. job creation nearly came to a halt in January. As the Washington Post reports, the latest report "gives a muddled picture of the state of the labor market."

Of course, Sanchez and her ilk will catch any bone thrown their direction at this point.

"Today's job numbers are positive news for Orange County families, and are proof that efforts to rebuild our economy are catching steam," reads her e-mail. "Over the last two months, the unemployment rate has slowly but steadily declined, reaching its lowest level in nearly two years. This is good news for those who are looking for unemployment, and for the more than 36,000 Americans who returned to work in January. These men and women will help to power America's expanding economy and steer us into a brighter and better future."

People are out there looking for unemployment? Um . . . okay. Do go on:

"But more work needs to be done. Millions of unemployed Americans continue to be burdened with escalating financial troubles and mounting frustrations. It's more important than ever that we commit to passing legislation that creates jobs, supports small businesses, and rebuilds the American middle class, and I am committed to working with my colleagues on Congress to get this done. Powering our recovery and creating jobs in Orange County continues to be my top priority."

You go, girl!

Meanwhile, I'll go through my deleted e-mails folder to see if Sanchez also sent out blasts right after poor jobless reports came out.

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Maybe we should release Skilling and Maddof. How long do you think they'll last on the outside? At least 25 grand each per year to keep these mega-thieves; in 20 years this would save a million tax dollars. Come on! Judge Roy Bean would hang 'em & leave 'em on the tree, and their bank robbing friends will think twice before stealing social security.


"Of the people not in the labor force, an estimated 4.7 million would seek work if they believed they might find a job. If these individuals were considered unemployed, along with those actively seeking work, the official unemployment rate would be more than 12% today." Lew Rockwell 2/4/11


anybody remember back when the Mexican government paid a bounty to anyone who brought in Apache scalps? A new way to create governement jobs?


Social engineering quotas - check.Increase immigration when economy can't absorb workers- check.Steal American's retirement - check.Steal American's livelyhood - check.Install police state armies - check.Install surveillance apparatus the Soviets would envy - check.Publish misleading statistics - check.

Look stupid, the unemployment numbers went down only because the long term unemployed whose jobs are lost to illegal immigrants or outsourcing are no longer being counted as unemployed. Now you call them something else; it doesn't change their situation.

Its time to rightsize, downsize and restructure the management.

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