Toyota Sudden-Acceleration Lawsuits Headed for Trial . . . in 2013

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A federal judge expects the first sudden-acceleration lawsuit against Toyota will go to trial . . . in 2013.

U.S. District Judge James Selna, who is overseeing the class-action and personal-injury suits that have been consolidated into one federal case in his courtroom, laid out a trial time frame for attorneys on both sides Friday.

The case is being heard in Orange County because the federal court district overlaps with Torrance, where the world's largest automaker keeps its U.S. headquarters.

Toyota's throttle-control system led to unexpected acceleration, according to the plaintiffs, but the automaker maintains driver error, faulty floor mats and sticky accelerator pedals were the cause.

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Ray McCauley
Ray McCauley

it's going to take three freaking years just to get into a courtroom the legal system is set up to protect the super rich Toyota in this case from paying up what is owes to the many that were injured and killed do to there lake of quality control. By the time this is resolved the victims won't get any relief from Toyota because of court costs will eat up most of the money and even though the losing side is suppose to pay the court cost it won't happen because the legal system instead of getting it from Toyota will just take it off the top o any settlement that is reached.

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