Tom Tancredo Wants to Debate Gustavo Again!

Last November, I was supposed to debate arch-Know Nothing Tom Tancredo on illegal immigration--I say "supposed to" because most of the time was spent talking about Tancredo's assertion that Mexicans don't assimilate into American culture. It was a fine time, although friends asked why I didn't take out the bazooka on Tancredo as I usually do on other opponents. To be honest--and if you read the transcript, you'll see this--I didn't even have to try: Tancredo not only tied his own noose, but he also leaped off the platform with gusto.

Tancredo must remember this because he gave me a Christmas present: He wants a rematch.

The only publication batshit-loco enough to publish Tancredo is the birfer WorldNetDaily, and his Christmas column was about the debate. In an entry titled "Ask a Mexican? Good idea!" Tancredo openly wishes for a second debate with me--specifically on Mexican culture.

You can read his column here. Honestly, Tancredo comes off nastier in his writing than he did in public, but if he wants to take off the gloves, I'm more than happy to go mano-a-mano and Pacquiao his weird-uncle reasoning. Details to come. . . .

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