New Surf-Movie Trailer: Mikey DeTemple's Sight|Sound, Which Includes Some Local Talent

Chasen Marshall/OC Weekly
Director DeTemple on set for Picaresque.
In July 2009, East Coast-based surfer and filmmaker Mikey DeTemple premiered his debut flick, Picaresque, to a packed house at the Hurley warehouse in Costa Mesa. It was an artistic representation of the sport he loved and the surfers he knew and respected. It starred a couple of local surfers riding waves the world over.

About 15 minutes ago, he unveiled the trailer for his follow-up, Sight|Sound. Same sort of deal: artsy, hip music, über-talented bunch of surfers and some very desirable lineups. The film is due out this summer.

"As every surfer matures, so does their taste in surfing," said DeTemple. "These are my tastes and the people that really inspire me and some of the most unique and fun locations in the world."

Once again, he has some locals on the cast list: Tyler "Pickle" Warren of Dana Point and Scotty Stopnik of Huntington Beach.

DeTemple and crew stuck to North and Central America, capturing video footage in Canada, Maine, New York, Nicaragua, the Bahamas and Baja Mexico.

And now, the Weekly is proud to present the brand-spankin'-new trailer for Sight|Sound:

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Nice vid to put some good exposure on core longboard moves. Mikey is the guy to do it.

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