Supreme Court Smacks Down Local Armenian Genocide Deniers

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This week, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of Griswold v. Driscoll, a Massachusetts-based case in which a group of plaintiffs sued the State Board of Education because it didn't include references to Armenian-genocide deniers in school curricula covering the Armenian genocide. Among one of the plaintiffs listed in the case is Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA); on its board of directors sits none other than the Outraged Ottoman of Orange County, Ergun Kirlikovali, one of the country's most notorious Armenian-genocide deniers, a man who once claimed Turks are "the new Jews" because no one wants to believe them. There's another Orange County resident on it, but we'll spare him or her the embarrassment of having his or her name mentioned with this loon.

The Asbarez News has the full story about the case, which ATAA lost at every level, from the first filing in United States District Court to federal appeals court. ATAA will cry First Amendment, and it has every right to spread its lies, but at least Massachusetts kiddies won't have to hear them in class.

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Taner Akcam Is A Scum
Taner Akcam Is A Scum

The Armenian supremacists want to hide the fact that they also have Turkish blood on their hands. There were Armenian civilian deaths, but Turkish civilian deaths as well. Why should believe people who defrauded $150 million dollars in the biggest medicare fraud scheme of all time. Every Armenian hates Turkish people more then the Nazis hate the Jews and if you give an Armenian a knife, I'd bet he would stab a fellow of Turkish descent and eat his body parts, then suck his blood.

Also, so called Turkish people who affirm the so called people like Taner Akcam had ties with communist terrorist groups in the 1970s and there are proofs on the web proving that Taner Akcam plotted to kill as many American politicians in Turkey as possible and also Taner Akcam plotted to bomb NATO bases all over Turkey. Taner Akcam has American blood on his hands and is bankrolled by this hate group called the Zoryan Institute.

I am sure the author of this article is an Aztlan or La Raza faschist.

These Armenians will attack you like a wolf if you prove that they also have Turkish, Kurdish, Azeri, Georgian, Circassian, Muslim and Jewish blood on their hands. Their goal for this genocide conspiracy is to snitch land from Turkey when Turkish forces whooped their asses in WW1 and mooch money off the Turkish government.

They already defrauded the medicare system, and run mafia/drug dealing cartels all over the Glendale and San Fernando Valley.

I'd bet if someone wore a Turkish flag t shirt at the Glendale Galleria, a mob of Armos would attack like wolves, because Armenian minds are so tainted with hate, they are unable to think rationally.

Armenians even hate the Taner Akcam, Orhan Pamuk Turkish types.

Many former ASALA terrorists even justified terrorist attacks against people of Turkish origin who had absolutely nothing to do with the Turkish government.

They even squirm about how Kobe Bryant signed a deal with Turkish Airlines and they say Turkish Airlines is guilty. Then the food you eat at a Turkish restaurant is guilty and the box of Camel Turkish lights is guilty. This is how delusional Armenian supremacists are.

They even think most of the guys are so called "Crypto Jews" because Israel rejects the genocide label. The Armenians sided with the Nazis and people are going to get tired of their squirming, pouting and attacking people who are exposing their bologne.

Every Armenian hates Turkish people and they want to wipe Turkey off the map and kill every Turkish person. The Armenian war on Turkey is like Al-Qaeda or Taliban's war on America.


The barbaric and hideous nature of the acts committed during the Armenian Genocide are well documented by brave missionairies, foreign diplomats and journalists who witnessed the brutal murder and ghoulish acts committed against innocent men women children and even infants. The world will never forget and certainly our God won't. The bright light of truth will shine through and all those who seek to mislead or deny the truth of the Genocide will be revealed for their deception and defensive denials.


hey rabbi, the Turks are the ones wasting the US Supreme courts time. Apparently they don't want to her Turkish nonsense either.

Bob Squalonero
Bob Squalonero

I wouldn't be surprised if the "OC loon" whose unmentioned, is either Orly Taitz or Barbara Coe.

Taner Akcam Is A Scum
Taner Akcam Is A Scum

Let's go further on Armenian hypocrisy: While Armenian Supremacists squirm and pout like little babies about Article 301 (I think that law should be repealed), they hypocritically cry like little babies and threaten the governments of other countries to pass laws to jail people who debunk this genocide myth (which is supressing free speech).

The Armenians refer to people who expose truth about their war on Turkey as "haters" because they shit in their pants when people expose the facts.

I don't hate Armenians but they hate me.

There was a Turkish citizen of Armenian descent named Artin Penik who burned himself alive because he was discussed what the ASALA Armenian Supremacists did in the 1970s.


How could the rabbi have gotten that one wrong john? Wow.

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