[UPDATED] 6 More Surf City Volunteer Gigs for Disgraced Robert Rizzo (and One Place He Can't Work)

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Update, Jan. 14, 2:46 p.m.: Looks like Bell's disgraced ex-city manager Robert Rizzo really can use our volunteer-job suggestions.

The Los Angeles Times, whose columnist Steve Lopez broke the story that Jabba the Corrupt was working off his DUI sentence as a Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum parking valet, reports that he has been let go.

Museum officials apparently feared the bad publicity would steer away donors.

Good call, dudes.

Original Post, Jan. 14, 8:23 a.m.: Bell's disgraced ex-city manager Robert Rizzo went from earning $800,000 per year to working off a community-service sentence as part of a DUI conviction out of his residence in Huntington Beach.

Now comes word he has shifted from volunteering at a thrift store to parking cars for the International Surfing Museum.

Since the big boy is bouncing around from unpaid position to unpaid position, here are some ideas where he can beach himself next.

Steam sucker at the AES plant.

Huntington Harbour muck dredger.

Main Street crossing guard.

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