Rally Today for Long Beach Resident Douglas Zerby, Fatally Shot for Holding Water Nozzle

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"Loving Memory of Douglas Zerby" Facebook Page
​A month after the death of Douglas Zerby, the 35-year-old LBC native who was shot and killed by police while holding a water nozzle that looked like a gun, community organizations and family members are demanding a full investigation, along with the identification and arrest of the officers who fired the bullets. 

A rally will be held today at 5 p.m. outside the Long Beach Police Department headquarters, 400 W. Broadway, Long Beach. 

On Dec. 12, police responded to a 911 call from a neighbor reporting a man with a six-shooter. Two officers found an intoxicated man sitting on a porch, holding what appeared to be a weapon. When he reportedly pointed the weapon toward them, the officers opened fire. 

Family members say Zerby is "an innocent victim of police brutality and unnecessary use of lethal force," claiming the officers did not order him to drop the nozzle nor did they call for backup.    

In addition to other family members, Zerby's sisters, Eden Marie Biele and Heather Woodland, will attend today's rally.

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You guys talking shit on the police is stupid, because the second something bad enough happens you'll run to your phone and call the cops for help, so shut up. This guy that was killed, in this particular instance, based on the information provided to the public, appears to have been a victim. Though it's never smart to be blitzed and pointing things at anybody that in anyway resembles a gun, well trained officers should know the difference between a gun and a hose nozzle. Furthermore, the police did not notify their presence to the man. They were observing out of the field of vision with enough distance and time to properly evaluate the situation. Not only that, but the ladder of force was not properly followed, presence/verbal warning/physical control/ lethal force; lethal force being the last option.Now I'm not talking shit on the cop because I'm sure nobody wants to kill anybody, but seems to be that the officer might have over reacted. Rightfully so on a human aspect; you think someone is threatening your life, you stop the threat. On a legal aspect and training aspect, well that will be up to those people that are given the responsibility to properly evaluate and judge the situation. Those with accountability should be held accountable, be it Doug or be it the officer.If you are not in those kinds of life threatening situations you cannot judge as harshly as you may want to. We all fuck up, no matter what training and experience we have. The answer here is accountability and proper investigation. For the sake of public safety, it is our right to demand that. Not force our blind opinion on a situation we do not know or understand.


Of course if something happens bad enough, most people WOULD call the police, that has nothing to do with UNARMED Doug Zerby having been shot to death by LBPD. As for the rest of your post, I wholeheartedly AGREE !


What's it like working for Long Beach PD?


I hope one day when you are minding your own business sitting on a friends porch that the police sneak up , surround you , never announce themselves then shoot you twenty times. Its people like you this planet can do without..not innocent victims of trigger happy ill-trained officers. And I hope when it happens that you DO NOT have any children left to ask what happened to there mommy/daddy...like Douglas's son. How does not drinking and driving and walking to a friends for a ride make you worthy of being shot to death? God is watching you and you will regret typing those words Mr. You Can't Handle The Truth..it would seem you can't handle the truth loser.

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