Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

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Headline: Two Teens Shot in Legs in Santa Ana Drive-By

Comment by ASHTONSMOM2009: Santa Ana? doesnt surprise me . . . they just need to blow up this city and get rid of the trash!!

Comment by FIGHTFORFREEDOM: Dance Dance Dance!

Comment by REDDYNEDDY: FELIZ ANO NUEVO . . . yeaeeeehaaaaaa!

Comment by GWESTLIE: Here's two more illegals that won't be able to outrun the cops after commiting their next crimes tonight.

Comment by SUPERROOSTER: Happy New Year Mexico!

Comment by OATMEALCOOKIE: Here's the Reader's Digest version:

Stabba Ana
Groundhog Day
Deport them all
Put a fence around the city
Miguel Pulido is a lousy mayor
Secure the borders
Poorly written story

Did I forget anything?

Comment by THEFOOLONTHEHILL: New Years Day . . . How about Groundhog Day. These comments are as rehashed as most of you "regulars" say are these news reports. Does anybody have something new or insightful to say regarding crime or violence in Santa Ana? Or is it just another year of bigots saying "See, i told you so, another crime took place", as if crime will cease one day. How about this: Santa Ana crime has changed significantly over the last decade and continues to do so. Anyone with their head not in the sand has seen it already. Get ready for more improvements this coming decade. These common PC articles will not change a continuing trend. Look at the 70s and 80s and you will have seen a much uglier city. Get current people . . . or you will be left behind.

Comment by SCBEACHGOER: Santa Ana is a sespool that comes right out of Mexico. They have different beliefs and violence is a part of their life. Every day there is something in the OCR about a shooting, stabbing, beating, gang related something. You can paint it, you can plant flowers, but the people will remain there.

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if they put a fence around santa ana us mexicans will still jump it u fukin crakers


Is it still considered "racist" if it's true, fools?


Ignorant Racist comments, if I might add!


Um...yeah. LOL Usually because people base their "racism" on stereotypes that apply to only certain people. Every race has it's dumb @sses but I think that if someone chooses to hate an entire group of people because of those few dumb @sses they could be considered to be "racist". Just an opinion though =)

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