Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Man Shot in Santa Ana Drive-By Shooting
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Comment by VORTEXALLEY: This is news? More like a daily occurence. No need to tell us the race.

Comment by FREDCONTO: What a surprise. What a wonderful place Santa Ana is with outstanding people with high morals and values. I hope my children grow up to be just like homie and chewie are.

Comment by MOSTHAT3D
: Yerp that their guuuuun control is workern well is dis state.

Comment by JOLAND7: Whaaat? A shooting in Santa Ana? That never happens. C'mon, Santa Ana is a crap hole. Anyone living in it must know what they're getting themselves into.

Comment by BESTOCMOM: Can anyone explain why you would ever go to Santa Ana unless it is to go to a gov't building? Does the city even have a purpose besides sanctuary to illegals and gangs?

Comment by AINTLIFEGRAND: Seems like only yesterday people were telling us how nice Santa Ana is and the only people making the area miserabloe were racists and bigots.

Comment by 30YEARSINOC: The only racists and bigots in SA are the Mexicans. Mexicans hate Mexicans. Why else would they keep on stabbing and shoting eachother.

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bestocmom dose not seem so great. she actually seems like a very poor mom. yes...as a mother in america, the great mixing pot country of race, ethnicity, religion and beliefs, she lets us all down by not raising her children in a way to imprace our American society =( sad faces for her children. this goes for the rest of the H.Haters posted her. we shall label these people A.L's= American Losers


I've lived in Anaheim, Garden Grove and been in Santa Ana for 33 years. To say these problems are unique to Santa Ana is ridiculous. We had more problems with crime in the 7 yrs. we were in Anaheim and Garden Grove than we have in 33 yrs. in Santa Ana. There are areas in all cities that you should avoid. No city is perfect.


Considering that Santa Ana has a shooting or stabbing just about every other day, how else do you expect people to respond? Law-abiding citizens in the surrounding cities are sick and tired of hearing about crime in Santa Ana on a daily basis and they're angry. And rightly so.

Do you think people should be coddling the citizens of Santa Ana who seem to remain mostly submissive about the crime that is spreading like a cancer?

You know, if you leave a cancer unchecked, it will eventually spread until it can no longer be stopped.

I sure as hell wouldn't want to be a cop in that city. Just couldn't pay me enough.


Don't bother speaking logic to the likes of Water...


gustavo, I never said these problems are "unique to Santa Ana". I said they are more prevalent in Santa Ana. And they are.

Logistics do not dictate that there is just as much crime in Anaheim and Garden Grove as there is in Santa Ana (to insinuate something so outlandish is laughable - it also says that Granniema never reads or watches the news). In fact, just the opposite. There's probably more crime in Santa Ana than both cities put together. So don't try to tell me about logic. If you have nothing intelligent to say, please, don't say anything at all. Obviously, you haven't a clue.

Go ahead and call me racist or illogical (for stating facts), or whatever your prejudiced little mind wants to call me. Or better yet, refuse to reply. It only proves your own ignorance. I may be illogical at times, but I KNOW I'm not racist. But I've been called worse.

Now, let’s talk demographics, shall we?

Sure, there are parts of Santa Ana - isolated from the crime-ridden downtown section - that aren't as bad as the worse parts of GG or Anaheim. But overall, you can't fairly compare Santa Ana to any other city in Orange County. I've lived in all three cities that Granniema mentions, and I've been a Central/North Orange County resident for over 50 years. There's no comparison. That's why I didn't reply to granniema. His/her comment is absurd.

It (Santa Ana) really is out of control. Worse than it's ever been. And it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

If you don't believe me, just take a nice leisurely stroll by yourself down Main Street, south of 17th, any night after 9:00 pm. Once you do that, then we can talk. IF you live to talk about it. But it must be in a civil manner and tone. Otherwise, you’re talking to a wall.


You can't deny that crime is more prevalent (per capita) in Santa Ana than any other city in Orange County. Can you?


Sure you have. And what gang do you run with? How many people (or body guards) did you have with you?

Either way, you have to admit that downtown Santa Ana is not always safe, especially after dark. If you deny that, then it's YOUR perception of reality that is laughable.

You can't deny that downtown that crime is more prevalent (per capita) in Santa Ana than any other city in Orange County. Can you?


I've taken your "challenge" before dozens of times, and guess what? I'm alive? Your perception of reality is laughable.

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