OC Homicide No. 3 (Potentially): Body Found in the Parking Lot of Estancia High School

​In the early hours of Saturday morning, local police received an anonymous phone call claiming there was a dead body in the parking lot of Estancia High School in Costa Mesa. Upon arrival, police found the body of a male, believed to be in his early 20s.

The identity of the man has yet to be released. Estancia's principal, Kirk Bauermeister, notified The Orange County Register that the man was not a student there.

It is believed the man died elsewhere, and then his body was abandoned at the high school. Police have net yet indicated whether the body, which was found around 3:30 a.m., had any signs of trauma.

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Mike King
Mike King

Need more info Who was he? Wow murder on the up swing. Hope he was not a criminal, or child molester. Or some gang member.


He was our friend, you dont need to know more, nosey ass person. He was a good man, not child molester or gangmember.

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