Patios, Back Yards Collapse Into Canyons in San Clemente Landslide

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Six houses in San Clemente's Shorecliffs community are losing ground, literally, after a hillside behind them gave way last Thursday. Four of the homes lost portions of their back yards and patios and have been red-tagged (declared too dangerous to inhabit). 
The displaced residents of the red-tagged homes were allowed to return to their properties on Saturday to collect their belongings.   

South Orange County's coastal bluffs and canyons have been very susceptible to slides after December's heavy rains. Engineers are keeping watch, as more land may fall. 

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People that build homes on a cliff should have their heads examined, even if it was solid Granite Bedrock being built on. Building on sandy cliffs is just stupid, unless there are structural compensations, ie, foundations, (concrete columns "caissons") built below the base level, however, I would guess that when these homes were built there was a lot more back yard beyond their porches. I am going by the homes in the photo, I forgot that often OC Weekly uses stock photos and not photos of the actual residences mentioned...


The photo is of the actual homes mentioned.

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