Orlando Bosley: Taxi Driver Knocked Out Passenger, Then Raped Her; OCDA Seeks Other Victims

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Orlando Bruce Bosley, 57, got a call for a cab request in Sunset Beach and showed up to pick up the intoxicated woman, just as a good cab driver is supposed to do. He transported the woman to her mother's Seal Beach home, where she was staying while mom was gone. 

The OC district attorney's report describes what happened next. 

When Jane Doe looked down into her purse for cab fare, Bosley is accused of punching the victim in the face and rendering her temporarily unconscious. The defendant is accused of taking Jane Doe to her home and raping her inside the house as she went in and out of consciousness.

Authorities are asking that anyone who was or may know of additional victims of Bosley to contact the supervising district-attorney investigator, Randy Litwin, at (714) 347-8794.

After sexually assaulting his passenger, Bosley faces charges of rape, which holds a maximum sentence of eight years.

He is currently out of custody on $100,000 bail and faces arraignment on Jan. 18 at West Justice Center in Westminster.

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don't know if he did or did't, but everytime i hear a story lik this it reminds me of an ex-neighbor of mine. I came hom from work just as she was drink and falling down the steps, in fact she fell, stopped and then fell some more. i watched at the bottom, bleeding, rolling around trying to get up. i got out the car, went and helped her up and into the house. i tryed to get her to lay down but she had more brandy and she wanted to drink it before sh went to slep. i cleaned her up, took care of her wounds( i'm in heathcare) then went home. i was woken up a few hours later by her family and the police. when her family asked what happned to her, she told then i had beat her up. lucky for me, there was a young pregant girl that had seen it happen, and had even tryed to help me get her in the house. and the store across the street had a tape of her falling in the street even before i had seen her fall. still for the next 6 or 7 months until i moved. even with the witness and the tape, her family believed i had done something to her. even when she got drunk again and fell, broke her arm and knocked out two teeth. even when she was sober and told them she didn't think i had done anything to her, they still believed i had. so when i hear some drunk say someone has done,has esspecially someo no history of such thing


On the subject of being innocent until proven guilty. The headline for the is article reads as though he has been tried and proven to be guilty. He has been accused. This is extremely irresponsible on OC Weekly's part. If you want to be consider a reputable news outlet, report the news and let the justice system decide his guilt or innocence.

Eli Damian
Eli Damian

Why in effin hell is this scumbag out on the streets still?!?


There are many things that could have happened other than rape, it could have been a drunks regret. I am not saying he is innocent or guilty, but as the guest stated, a person is innocent until proven guilty, and in a criminal case it is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. People seem to have a tendency to believe a person is guilty just because charges are drawn. I believe many are found guilty by the press...

Eli, lets hope you are never charged with a crime, and see people automatically find you guilty before you have your first day in court.


Because he is charged with a crime. He is innocent until proven guilty. He may be a scumbag. Or he may be wrongfully accused. We don't know.

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