[UPDATED] Orange County Wants Obamacare . . . for Disaster Aid

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UPDATED, JAN. 26, 5:49 P.M.: President Barack Obama agreed today that Orange County is a disaster. Ethically, morally, politically--it's like Mischa Barton's blank stare here, said . . .

Check that: Obama today signed the paperwork that officially declared Orange County and several other California counties federal disaster areas in the wake of last month's damaging storms. The order allows public- and private-property owners in Orange, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino counties access to federal disaster-relief assistance.

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The muck stops here . . . along the Laguna Beach boardwalk.
ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 21, 4:14 P.M.: The beautiful weather Orange County is experiencing of late (and that is scheduled to continue through next week) makes it easy to forget that we were hammered by winter storms last month.

Well, it's easy to forget if you are not a homeowner who watched your American Dream slide down a San Clemente hillside.

Anyway, the all-Republican, all-the-time Orange County Board of Supervisors, who are looking at $36 million in total property damage, today turned to Socialist President Barack Obama for disaster assistance

The county proclaimed a local emergency on Dec. 20, and the governor declared a state of emergency in Orange County and five other counties the next day. A federal disaster declaration opens the, uh, floodgates for federal assistance to help with public- and private-property damage.

The request is contained in the letter Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Campbell and Fifth District Supervisor Patricia C. Bates sent to Obama and various federal officials. The letter identifies the cities and communities hardest hit by flooding, mudslides and debris flows in need of help from Big Gubment.

"Many Orange County residents are struggling to recover from this disaster, with recovery work expected to continue until at least March," Campbell explains in a county announcement. "A number of people are still out of their homes due to storm damage, some rural roads have been closed for three weeks, and our flood-control systems need extensive repair before more storms arrive. It is critical that federal assistance be made available as soon as possible."

After the federal funds come, the county can revert back to considering Obama a Socialist creep.

And we thank you.

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Pancho Gomez
Pancho Gomez

The article quotes Campbell as sany "Many residents" the number can't be more than 100. I would be stunned to learn that more than a hundred people in Laguna Beach required Federal Aid.

This is a political move to enrich a developer, a construction pal, or something. I DEFY SOMEONE to show me why federal aid was needed here. This a joke.

Then again, Campbell always has his hand out. Just as long as you are buying FAT BOYS burrito Supremes.


That's the whole problem, program funds aren't retained for the programs. They are spent on everything else by politicians looking for voter goodwill and then when they are needed they aren't there. It's killing Social Security and Medicare and it will kill Obamacare as well. And it's unnecessary if the government will just pass legislation forbidding the practice.


I supported Obamacare, but I must say your use of that term, which describes a NEW federal program, to describe federal moneys ALREADY BUDGETED for disaster relief is really apples and oranges.


Oh---there are two more logical people here!!! Thought I was alone here in our great county---j


hypocrite republicansbut then i repeat myself


Everything is just fine, until there is a need. Inconvenient truth.

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