Octomom Nadya Suleman Returns Porn King's Check, Porn King Says He's Done Having His Way With Her

Octomom Nadya Suleman said Tuesday she refused Vivid Entertainment's offers to pay her February mortgage and pick up the complete $450,000 note on the La Habra home the single mother shares with her 14 kids.

Today, the chief of the Van Nuys-based porn company revealed he has gotten the hint.

Steven Hirsch confirms he has broken off negotiations to buy what one gossip site has coined "the OctoPad."

Radar Online posted Tuesday's "exclusive interview" with Suleman, who maintained no matter how close she is to becoming destitute, she will not take money from Vivid.

"Take it back, I don't want it. . . . But I need it."
"Vivid Video sent me a check for the mortgage, and I sent it back," she told Radar. "I don't take money from porn pushers, and I never will."


"So far, I have turned down more than a million dollars from Vivid Video even though I almost lost my home, and I believe that makes a clear statement of how I feel toward that type of industry."

She even distanced herself from Hollywood "stars" who rose to fame thanks to the release of sex tapes.

"Whether intentionally or not, Kim Kardashian did porn and so did Paris Hilton," Suleman reportedly said. "I don't want to be them!"

Earlier today, TMZ posted an exclusive of its own: an interview with Hirsch, who said he pulled the plug on negotiations after Suleman refused free money and several jobs offers.

"We tried really hard to develop some sort of a relationship with Nadya," Hirsch says. "We totally understood that she didn't want to make a movie with us, and we respect her decision."

He added the Octomom "has made it very clear that she doesn't need or want our help in any way." And yet, he remained "open to speaking to her about other opportunities."

Dude really has a type, doesn't he?

By the way, this should ring familiar to those who follow hot mess Suleman: She reiterated to Radar that she is in desperate need of money.

In fact, she claims that is what motivated her to shoot that fetish video in her home with Power 106 comic Tattoo--she in tights and leather corset, he in a diaper and baby bonnet. Suleman claims now she did it as a joke, and it did not come out the way it was presented to her.

I need money, but I won't take his. I shot this video as a joke, but I don't like the way it came out. As the Octo-World turns . . .

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