OC Anti-Christian Persecution Group Slams North Korea, Islamic Nations

He's ill.
What's the most dangerous place for Christians to practice their faith?

No, it's not San Francisco.

Or Miami's South Beach.

It's anywhere in North Korea, according to the annual Open Doors World Watch List, which is created by Santa Ana-based group Open Doors USA. 

WIth a dictatorial freak running the show in Pyongyang, that's no surprise.

But Dr. Carl Moeller, Open Doors president, says the country with the "greatest deterioration of Christian religious freedom" during the past year was Iraq, which jumped from No. 17 to No. 8 on the list. 

The Top 10 is loaded with Islamic nations, including Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq.

Others in the Top 10 are Laos, Uzbekistan and Maldives.

Moeller's group, which has received praise from Rick Warren, claims it monitors "the shifting conditions under which Christians live in 77 societies" and ranks where the "hardest places to practice" the Christian faith are.

Moeller, a former singles pastor at Warren's Saddleback Chuch, says Christians in Islamic nations have a "bulls-eye" on their backs and face "religicide."

You can see the group's Top 50 offending nations list HERE.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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