Newport Beach-Based Shopping-Center Owner Pulled Into the Tucson Mass-Shooting Aftermath

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Jack Jakosky, who owns a Newport Beach-based property-management company, was called away to Tucson last week to see if he could help reopen his shopping center's parking lot, which has been closed for several days, preventing easy customer access to stores.

The city name probably tipped you off as to why the La Toscana Village center remained surrounded by police tape: it's where six people were killed and Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) was seriously wounded by an apparently crazed gunman the morning of Jan. 8.

The center's Safeway has been closed since the mass shooting, and the Pleasanton, California-based supermarket chain has sent grief counselors to Pima County to help workers cope with the tragedy.

La Toscana Village before the mass shooting.
There are no immediate plans to reopen the Safeway, but all the other stores in the center have since opened their doors. Several shopkeepers contacted Jakosky about working with the city and police to regain access to the parking lot so normal operations can resume, reports Inside Tucson Business.

Many merchants told the site business is down, and they worry about the long-term affects of the shooting.

John Peters, owner of a Pak Mail shipping store, told Inside Tucson Business his receipts are down about $500 per day since the shooting.

"My manager had customers at the counter when they heard the shots," Peters reportedly said. "He pushed them all into the bathroom for safety. As it turns out, they were from the Middle East. They kept asking, 'Does this happen often in Tucson? In America?'"

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This website printapons is too cool. I use promo codes alot and hate having to look all over the place for them.

Ray McCauley
Ray McCauley

What the heck is going on in Tucson AZ. there is no good reason for the parking lot to still be closed the parking should have been reopened by the next day it's been 9 day's now and the police and Fed's are keeping it closed for what all the evidence was collected on the Jan. 8th after the shooting. I think the store owners should sue for lost income the FBI and the city of Tucson. Another thing why is this a Federal case it happened in a parking lot in the city of Tucson why is the FBI involved oh never mind that's right a rich congressperson was shot see she's more important than say you or I.

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