Little Arabia Facebook Status Update of the Day On the Middle East Protests

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"Like Akram Lotfy from Alexandria, Egypt, wrote on his Facebook wall before the shutdown, 'A government that is afraid of Facebook and Twitter should govern a city in Farmville.'"

--Posted by Roqaya Ashmawey, one of the many young Arab-American activists looking to rename Anaheim's stretch of Brookhurst Street "Little Arabia" due to the street's high concentration of Middle Eastern stores, restaurants and residents. It's one of the nation's largest Arab enclaves.

Another Facebook comment after the jump!
From Omar Masry, another Little Arabia acolyte:

There's a lovely irony in pundits like Joe Scarborough trying to throw a bone to Mubarak by citing his ability to maintain stability; all the while ignoring that his repressive regime pushed many mild mannered moderates toward extremism; the type of extremism that ended up figuring prominently in the Egyptian presence in al-Qaeda. So in the end you ended up with a "stable" Sinai and wayward Egyptians causing more than mild instability in places like Fallujah and Afghanistan. . . .

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