[UPDATED:] Katin Team Challenge Attracts Top Surf Stars to HB Pier This Weekend; Sorry, No Kelly Slater

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Chasen Marshall/OC Weekly
Conditions are only expected to improve by the first heat horn on Friday.
Update: Jan. 5, 3:53 p.m.:
Swells have started appearing at HB Pier and so too have some of the competitors for the Katin Pro/Am Team Challenge.

The Weekly swung by to get a glimpse of the area and we snapped off a few frames. Should be some great conditions for some premiere surfing beginning Friday morning.

Update, Jan. 4, 4:49 p.m.: Swell forecasts are looking favorable and event organizers have decided on a Friday/Saturday contest slate. Competition begins at 8 a.m. on both days.

Waves are expected to start in the 3- to 4-foot range on Friday morning, courtesy of a long-period WNW groundswell, and will gradually build throughout the day. Waves should top out at slightly overhead by late afternoon, which will be prime conditions for the level of talent on hand. Read more in the earlier post.

Updates can be found on katinproam.com or on the twitter account @katinUSA.
Chasen Marshall/OC Weekly
Tanner Gudauskas will be among the local shredders on hand.
Original Post, Jan. 3, 3:06 p.m.: Even though the Top 44 surfers from the ASP World Tour are on leave until February, that doesn't mean you can't get a glimpse of world-class surfing. Just plan to attend the Katin Pro/Am Team Challenge at Huntington Beach Pier. The roster of teams and surfers is out, and the quality doesn't get much better.

Three-time world champ Tom Curren. Former world champ and Hawaiian legend Sunny Garcia. Aussie wunderkind Yadin Nicol. Newport Beach aerialist Josh Hoyer. Last year's Katin champ, Chris Waring. As well as a heap of former World Tour competitors.

The holding period opens tomorrow and stretches through the weekend. Surfline.com is keeping an eye on the swell forecast, and guesstimates right now for the two-day competiton are for Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday

​Surfers will compete both individually and for the benefit of their respective teams. Judging will follow standard criteria, with plenty of emphasis and scoring weight on new-school maneuvers. There's even an award for the most "futuristic" maneuvers, which will earn one surfer $500 from Future Fins. Quick and easy money for pushing the envelope? A surfer could only wish to have the opportunity, which means spectators should be in for quite the surfing spectacle. 

Below are the participating teams and their respective rosters:

17th St/Mauli Ola Foundation: Sunny Garcia, 
Kalani Robb,
 Ryan Carlson,
 Teddy Navarro
Alpinestars: Nathaniel Curran,
 Jesse Heilman,
 Frank Tesoro,
 Tom Vos 
Brightton Brandenburger,
 Bobby Okvist,
 Jason Harris,
 Nick Fowler 
Arnette: Ford Archbold,
 Christian Saenz, 
Chase Wilson,
 Tyler Gunter,
 Eric Vallely (alternate) 
Banzai Bowls:
 Josh Hoyer,
 Tom Rezvan,
 Mike Morrissey,
 Victor Done 
 Cody Thompson,
 TJ Barron,
 Dane Zaun,
 Jake Halstead 
Body Glove: TBD 
Buell Wetsuits:
 Adam Virs,
 Cory Arrambide,
Dragon: Chris Waring,
 Sean Marceron,
 Taylor Clark,
 Matt Beacham, 
Loren Laglens (alternate) 
Filtrate Eyewear: Matt McCabe,
 Killian Garland,
 Adam Lambert,
 Jake Davis 
 Andrew Gesler,
 Jesse Evans,
 Bud Freitas, 
Che Stang,
 Chris Drummy (alternate) 
 Ricky Whitlock,
 Travis Beckmann,
 Jimmy Herrick,
 Willie Safreed,
 Sean Johnson (alternate) 
Huntington Beach High School:
 Jeff Deffenbaugh,
 Micah Byrne,
 Ryan Turner,
 Brandon Tipton 
 Timmy Curran,
 Yadin Nicol,
 Brad Ettinger,
 Michael Dunphy 
Jack's: Tanner Gudauskas, 
Dane Gudauskas,
 Shawn Ward,
 Matt Pagan 
 Johnny Norris, 
Alex Gullett,
 Kyle McGeary,
 Matt King 
 Conrad Carr,
 Shea Perkins, 
Billy Hopkins,
 Derek Peters 
Rip Curl:
 Tom Curren,
 Dillan Perillo, Colin Moran, Quinn McCrystal
 Nate Yeomans,
 Sammy Orozco,
 Max Doucet,
 Anthony Petruso

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