Rep. John Campbell Skates in House Ethics Report

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This morning, an independent ethics office recommended the further investigation of Representative John Campbell (R-Newport Beach) and two other congressmen for possible wrongdoing because they raised funds from financial lobbyists around the time in December 2009 the House voted on a sweeping overhaul of financial regulation.

But this afternoon, the Republican-chaired House Ethics Committee released a report that basically said, "Nothing to see here, folks!"

"That's the take-away of the House Ethics Committee's 616-page report," according to Talking Point Memo's Ryan J. Reilly. (Read the committee report here.)

The Office of Congressional Ethics had recommended the House Ethics Committee continue with the probe, but the committee's report essentially indicated there was nothing improper about the events geared toward financial lobbyists that were held by Campbell and Representatives Tom Price (R-Georgia) and Joseph Crowley (D-New York).

"An independent investigation of the relevant facts and surrounding circumstances in all three matters demonstrated that each member's fund-raising activities raised no appearances of impropriety," states the report from the committee chaired by Representative Jo Bonner (R-Alabama).

Let the influence-peddlin' continue! 

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they are owned by wall streetexposing one exposes allergo sweep it under the rug


Why won't this guy support medical care for all Americans?

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