Glenn Thomas Langohr, 'Drug War-Prison' Novelist, Arrested Again

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Glenn Thomas Langohr, a limousine-business owner and San Clemente-based author, has written about organizing a rally "against the California prison union for using terror tactics to control laws and farming prisoners to other states to deal with overcrowding."

He may be able to hold that rally behind prison walls if he keeps at it.

The Orange County Register reports that Langohr was recently arrested for allegedly hitting a woman while behind the wheel of a silver-colored Volvo in the 100 block of Avenida Adobe in San Clemente. The 40-year-old Sierra Vista, Arizona, native's Roll Call Revolution office is at 110 Avenida Adobe, according to Langohr's self-written bio on the Authors Den website.

His "drug war-prison novel" Roll Call is available via Amazon for $26.99. His Authors Den bio states:

I have researched the drug war in Southern California and Mexico extensively and felt compelled to revolt against the way our criminal-justice system deals with it. In prison on drug charges for 10 years, I felt spirit-led to write from an inside view not yet seen or understood. I also read and am influenced by the Bible, Sidney Sheldon, Harold Robbins, Dean Koontz, Stephan Hunter, Robert Ludlum, San Tzu, Machiavelli, to name a few.
Langohr, who was released from jail after posting bond, has "a history of drug-related convictions and assault-and-battery arrests," according to the Register.

The only post on his Twitter page, from last September, revealed he was almost done with a Roll Call sequel, so perhaps he's trying to work his way back inside for some last-minute fact-checking.

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The Only Assault Charges Langohr Has Is With The Orange County Sheriff's Department When he Got Jumped In The County Jail By Deputies In Retaliation For A Patrick Healy Interview Regarding Police Brutalty Against Vincent Presta Who is A Part Of The Storyline In "Roll Call'.


"Roll Call" Is One Of The Most Exciting Books I've Ever Read.. Thumbs up To Langohr... Way To Expose The Corruption That Exists Within Law Enforcement And The Drug World.. B.J.'s A SMOKIN Hot Underdog Who Has God On His Side And Has Courage To Tell The TRUTH.. Can't Wait For The Sequel...

Annette and B.J.
Annette and B.J.

I thought it was innocent until proven guilty? That novel sounds interesting. Its about time someone sheds light on the california prison union and drug war politics building bigger criminals and gangs...

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