"Everyday Affluent" Can Be Pampered in Newport Coast Vacation Home

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Do you consider yourself a member of the "everyday affluent" who has endured poor vacation experiences or, at least, been forced to congregate near common, working-class folks?

Well, Brent Handler has an idea you might like:

Never lower your standards from the luxury you deserve--especially after Barack Obama and U.S. Senate Republicans have assured your tax breaks.

Handler announced today his creation: Inspirato, a members-only club for the rich "who want flexibility, luxurious accommodations and amenities, highly personalized service, and a consistent experience from one vacation to the next."

The cost? After the one-time initiation fee of $9,500 (plus $2,500 in annual renewal fees), you can vacation "hassle-free" in a luxury residence for about $1,000-per-night, according to Handler.

Available "spacious and refined" residences are in places such as Newport Coast; Los Cabos, Mexico; Tuscany, Italy; Aspen, Colorado; Deer Valley, Utah; Maui, Hawaii; and Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

I tried to review the vacation properties, but Handler's website requires you to register before you can inspect its listings.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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this is truly remarkable..they didn't know it can be done.there is no need for payment..very nice.. 


Perhaps you simply don't understand the concept. You spend all that time looking for a place and then hope against hope it matches the description only to be disappointed. That has happened to our family before. Why risk your vacation time. If they have homes, and better yet service and amenities of resort hotel why wouldn't you want to pay extra for it. I went and looked on the site and found their daily rates BELOW similar property listed on google. We have friends who are members of his last company, Exclusive Resorts and they love it. Why wouldn't he be able to do it again?


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another middle mancreates nothing just tries to make a fast buck


You can do this without needing to pay this stupid registration fee, all you do is google vacation homes and you'll see thousands of properties available worldwide, just check some references, make sure the contract specifies that the photos are current or match what the property looks like and verify that all the other terms are acceptable and you're off. I stayed in a beatiful luxury home 10K square foot home in Cabo no middle man required.

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