Costa Mesa Blogger Makes New York Times for Anti-Minivan Remarks

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Kristen Howerton wants everyone to calm down.

The Costa Mesa family therapist, who writes a local newspaper column and runs her own noteworthy blog, reports she is under siege from "anonymous armchair psychologists" after being quoted recently in The New York Times.

Her quote: no self-respecting, "cool" mom would drive her family around in a minivan.

This was no surprise because Howerton's blog is named Rage Against the Minivan.

She told the Times, "[The minivan is] just a symbol of women becoming the invisible, exchangeable mom--the soccer mom, where we all look the same and no longer have a sense of what's cool."

In response, Howerton reported on her blog that she has been inundated with "lots of e-mail and comments from strangers, letting me know how shallow I am for worrying about what kind of car I drive."

Her reply to those who found her blog through the Times article?

"So, in case you've arrived here by way of that article and would like to inform me of how ridiculous I am: I KNOW. . . . I am also prone to exaggeration, dramatics, procrastination and hyperbole."

The funny thing is that last year, Howerton and her husband caved in and bought a Toyota Sienna to haul around her large family.

You can see the Times article HERE and Howerton's entertaining blog HERE.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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I don't know what's worse: me caving in to buying a minivan, or having that fact documented in the NY Times. . .


The minivan is modern day, Brady Bunch station wagon, and I wouldn't be caught dead in one.


the SUV is the modern day station wagon.  haven't you geniuses caught on yet that we young twenty-somethings with no kids are mocking your Explorers and Tahoes?  YOU'RE the dorks out there.  At least minivan owners are *practical.*

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