This Just In: Rohrabacher Will Not Sing "Kumbaya" With Obama

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President Barack Obama's conciliatory, olive-branch-loaded, let's-all-work-together-for-the-sake-of-America State of the Union speech before both houses of Congress Tuesday evening failed to sway Representative Dana Rohrabacher.

"You think that us sitting together and singing 'Kumbaya' is going to change things?" spat the Mouth That Rohrabachered.

His blatherings are captured in a Long Beach Press-Telegram roundup of reactions to the speech by area legislators. Naturally, Representatives Laura Richardson (D-Long Beach) and Linda Sanchez (D-Lakewood) praise the address.

Just as naturally, Republican Rohrabacher, whose Huntington Beach-based congressional district gerrymanders its way through red neighborhoods in the LBC and South Bay, damns the same speech, accusing Obama of passing himself off as something different from what he has been the past two years to "blur the distinction" between himself and Republicans who just swept November's elections.

"Could this be the man," he asks "that just put us into massive debt and increased the spending of the federal government and the control and bureaucracy of federal government?"

Wait, when did this become about George W. Bush?

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Of course President Obama's appeal is toward unity, but that is only because he does not have an imperial presidency anymore. Since he lost control of Congress, he has to at least make a tacit gesture toward it. Nevertheless, when he had it, he was not more "open" as he promised but extremely divisive and polarizing. Now the Constitutional scholar must learn why checks and balances are the designed into the American way. But calling people who disagree with his policies. enemies or implying racism tends to polarize.

It did not help the way the health care bill was passed with out the sense enough to read what was in it, especially since most of of it does not go into effect till 2014. Those Democrats that your praising must either be very slow readers or something else, to have forced something so heinous on the American people. I want a better health care system than we have now, but blind obedience at least historically has never been an American virtue.

You should Praising God, you have someone so great as Dana Rohrabacher as your Congressman. Someone with the certitude to say what he thinks so well, that you can so easily take his words out of context, with nary a thought in your head. It is just another attempt by OC Weaklings to stain the greatness of Dana Rohrabacher.


I like the last line Matt, people in this nation seem to forget or ignore that the Republicans give-aways to the wealthy have caused most of the deficit...

I read somewhere recently that Adolph Hitler said that you can tell a small lie and no one will believe you, but if you tell a big lie, and keep saying it, people will eventually take it as fact.

Stacey zuckerman
Stacey zuckerman

My Fellow American, Republican Dana Rohrabacher, is one person that should leave politics and fast!!!! It seems he can't remember what his Goood Old Boy, George Bush did to the US finances.

Obama, has only been in office three (3) years, so how is he responsible for a $14 Trillion deficit. I really do like your comment, (that you can so easily take his (Dana Rohrabacher) words out of context, with nary a thought in your head). Well, I guess that is why you like Dana Rohrabacher so much. You haven't got a F*cking thought in your head. Your brain is water logged from all tha surfing, hang ten, Guy; because you are no good at thinking.

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