[UPDATED] Wanted: Man Who Dumped Drunk Woman In Alley After His Friend Raped Her

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Update, Jan. 10, 5:23 p.m.: The Orange County district attorney's office has released to the media surveillance photos taken from Godfather's bar in Tustin early Nov. 26 of a man who is believed to have participated in helping facilitate a woman's rape.

On the following page, you'll see larger versions of the captured images as well as the booking photos of two suspects in the case.

All photos courtesy of Orange County district attorney's office
Surveillance video from Godfather's bar shows a man suspected of aiding in the rape of a female patron.
A closer view of the unknown suspect shows he was wearing a sports-team jersey emblazoned with No. 17.
Akeem Jelani Johnson, 27, of Tustin, is charged with one felony count of rape by use of an intoxicating substance in the case.
Bradley Joseph Stelly, 27, of Tustin, is accused of felony accessory after the fact, the same count that awaits the unknown man seen in the surveillance video images above.

Akeem Jelani Johnson
Original Post, Jan. 10, 10:47 a.m.: The public is being asked to help identify a man who helped to lift a drunken woman who had just been raped out of his friend's SUV and place her onto a dirty mattress in an alley next to Godfather's bar in Tustin early Nov. 26.

Akeem Jelani Johnson, 27, of Tustin, has already been charged with one felony count of rape by use of an intoxicating substance in the case, which has also snared Bradley Joseph Stelly, 27, of Tustin, for suspected felony accessory after the fact. That count also awaits a third man seen in surveillance video from the bar, according to the following Orange County district attorney's office statement that also reveals a fourth man who has been identified could still be charged.

Jan. 7, 2011


SANTA ANA - Law enforcement is seeking the public's help in identifying a man who assisted in dumping an intoxicated woman in an alley after his friend raped her in the back of a car.  Two defendants have been charged in this case, and the identity of the third man is unknown. Akeem Jelani Johnson, 27, Tustin, is charged with one felony count of rape by use of an intoxicating substance and faces a maximum sentence of eight years in state prison if convicted. He is out of custody on $100,000 bail. Bradley Joseph Stelly, 27, Tustin, is charged with one felony count of accessory after the fact and faces a maximum sentence of three years in state prison if convicted. He is out of custody on $20,000 bail. Johnson and Stelly are scheduled for a pretrial hearing Jan. 27, 2011, at 9 a.m. in Department C-55, Central Justice Center, Santa Ana.

A fourth man was present with the defendants at the time of the crime. He has been identified by law enforcement, but his name has not been released pending further investigation and possible filing of criminal charges.

Sometime between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. on Nov. 26, 2010, Johnson, Stelly and an unidentified friend are accused of talking with 47-year-old Jane Doe, whom they met for the first time that night, at Godfather's bar in Tustin. The victim was in Orange County from Australia visiting family and was visibly intoxicated, including unsteady balance and difficulty walking without assistance.

Johnson is accused of taking the unsteady victim outside to his parked sport-utility vehicle (SUV) and putting her in the back seat. He is accused of raping her in his car while she was unable to resist due to intoxication. Stelly and the unidentified friend are accused of standing directly outside the vehicle during the rape, knowing that the victim was intoxicated and being assaulted inside.

After the rape, Johnson is accused of getting out of the vehicle. The three defendants are accused of lifting the partially clothed Jane Doe from the car by holding her arms and feet in the air and carrying her into the alley on the side of the bar. They are accused of dumping her body on an old, dirty mattress and fleeing the scene. A witness who observed the victim being carried called 911 and provided the license-plate number from the defendants' SUV.

Officers from the Tustin Police Department (TPD) responded to the scene and located Jane Doe in the alley on the mattress. She was unresponsive, incoherent and unable to stand without assistance due to alcohol intoxication.

Johnson was arrested later that day based on the license-plate number provided by the witness. Stelly was arrested Nov. 29, 2010, after additional investigation by TPD. The identity of the third man is unknown. Surveillance photographs of the man taken inside the bar are available to the media.

Anyone with additional information as to the identity of the third man is encouraged to contact Tustin Police Detective Bonnie Breeze at (714) 573-3240 or Supervising District Attorney Investigator Randy Litwin at (714) 347-8794.

Deputy District Attorney
Jess Rodriguez of the Orange County District Attorney's Sexual Assault Unit is prosecuting this case.

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Sick bastards. Unfortunately this a good lesson to single women who like to drink. If you are going to drink to excess, do it at home. Too many effed up predators out there who think its their God given right to stick their dick into something. Hope they all rot in prison.Its a wicked world we live in. I'm over it.


Yes very tasteless icon. I really hope justice is brought forth for this woman. What happened to her is terrible.


What an incredibly inappropriate picture/icon to accompany a rape story.


Or at least I would say that a true friend wouldn't leave their friend drunk alone at a bar.  I don't know the circumstances as the article didn't say, but to others out there, please don't leave your drunk friends to fend for themselves.  There are evil people out there as this article shows.


Women should not have to drink at home..Men should know not to do that, period.


Geez, one usually sees this kind of moronic posted at the OC Reg website.

This is exactly the kind of comment that belongs in the "FusterCluck" column.

Bill T.
Bill T.

Very true, but do you think that will deter scum-sucking low-life douche-bag (ad infinitum)s?


It's easy to be so PC about race and crime until someone you know and love is the victim. If I'm looking for someone named Akeem, I'm not going to expend a lot of time searching Corona del Mar as opposed to, say, Compton. Call it what you will, but the goal her is to arrest the alleged pepetrator.


No, definitely does not deter them, but women should not be advised to stay at home because they like to drink.

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