Israel Pena Lopez is Found Guilty of Santa Ana Drug Hit But Frankie Esteban Giraldo is Not

Courtesy of the Santa Ana Police Department
The late Alejandro David Sanchez (left), Frankie Esteban Giraldo (center) and Sanchez's convicted killer Israel Pena Lopez.
A jury Wednesday afternoon found a Santa Ana man guilty of murdering a drug dealer making himself a coffee in an Edinger Avenue bakery in October 2010, but the panel let a second defendant off. While the prosecution had claimed Frankie Esteban Giraldo was serving as a lookout for gunman Israel Pena Lopez, jurors obviously bought 32-year-old Giraldo's excuse: He'd shown up at absolutely the wrong time to buy drugs from Alejandro David Sanchez, who had 30 bindles of heroin and three disposable phones in his pocket when he was shot six times in the back.

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Robert Douglas Fischer Murder Case Dismissed by Arizona Judge (as Expected): Update

See the update on the Arizona judge, as expected, dismissing the murder case against Robert Douglas Fischer of San Clemente.

ORIGINAL POST, MARCH 7, 11:41 A.M.: A judge in Arizona has ordered the release from jail of a San Clemente man who in December was convicted of murdering his stepdaughter's husband.

Prosecutors in Phoenix have also requested a dismissal of the case against Robert Douglas Fischer.

But the 54-year-old divorce lawyer, who has an office in Tustin, is not out of desert-hot water just yet.

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Barbara Ann Hamel Backs Out of Plea Deal, Alleges Murder Co-Defendants Drugged Her

Barbara Ann Hamel and Tad Allen Carroll
Remember the two guys and a woman who accepted plea deals in the murder of Chi Ngoc Bui, who was run over on a Santa Ana street after winning $10,000 at the Hawaiian Gardens Casino in September 2010? While Tad Allen Carroll accepted his plea deal Friday (just as Michael William Ross had in September), Barbara Ann Hamel withdrew hers, claiming Allen and Ross drugged her before 55-year-old Bui's slaying.

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Robert Douglas Fischer, Tustin Lawyer Convicted of Murder, on Dateline Tonight

Categories: 2010 Homicides, TV

NBC's Dateline tonight dedicates an hour to the story of retired police officer-turned-Tustin lawyer Robert Douglas Fischer, who ran into some trouble in Arizona.

Anyone who knows the case knows I am being coy, but not nearly as much as this NBC announcement: "Dateline Correspondent Keith Morrison reports on the story of Rob Fischer, a retired police officer, who went to Phoenix to visit his grandchildren, and discovered his son-in-law dead in his home."

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Robert Douglas Fischer, OC Divorce Lawyer, Guilty of Murdering Former Irvine Publisher

Robert D. Fischer
An Orange divorce lawyer who needed a criminal attorney for a murder trial in Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona may now be shopping for an expert in appeals, as he was convicted Thursday of killing his stepdaughter's husband and making it appear as a suicide.

Robert Douglas Fischer was convicted of the second-degree murder of Norman "Lee" Radder, a 49-year-old former Irvine entrepreneur and dirt bike magazine publisher.

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Tad Allen Carroll and Barbara Ann Hamel Cop to Killing "Lucky" Casino Winner Chi Ngoc Bui

Barbara Ann Hamel and Tad Allen Carroll
Two killers of a 55-year-old man who was followed home from Hawaiian Gardens Casino where he won $10,000 gambling pleaded guilty last week to the charges against them. Tad Allen Carroll, 45 and formerly of Buena Park, admitted to first degree murder, while Long Beach 50-year-old Barbara Ann Hamel copped to second degree murder.

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Anthony Darnell Wade Sentenced to Death in Brutal Murder of 84 y.o. Widow Bessie Whyman

Orange County Superior Court Judge James A. Stotler denied a defense motion to modify a jury-recommended sentence of death for Anthony Darnell Wade Tuesday morning and later in the day sentenced the Los Angeles 28-year-old to the state's ultimate penalty.

Wade raped, tortured and murdered 84-year-old widow Elizabeth "Bessie" Mae Whyman in her Anaheim home before stealing her car and trying to use one of her credit cards in San Bernardino on Jan. 10, 2010.

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Anthony Darnell Wade: DEATH! for Rape, Torture, Murder of Beloved Widow "Bessie" Mae Whyman, Jury Recommends

Anthony Darnell Wade, the 28-year-old drifter who tried to plead insanity for raping, torturing and killing beloved Anaheim widow Elizabeth "Bessie" Mae Whyman, should receive the death penalty, a jury in Santa Ana recommended this afternoon.

The same jury that convicted Wade on Sept. 6 had heard in the penalty phase that his bipolar disorder should spare him the state's ultimate punishment. The other option was life in state prison without the possibility of parole.

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Anthony Darnell Wade's Bipolar Diagnosis Presented to Spare Him Death Penalty in Brutal Rape, Torture and Slaying of Beloved Widow

Anthony Darnell Wade, who has been convicted of raping, torturing and killing an 84-year-old Anaheim widow he robbed, had a family history of schizophrenia, was diagnosed as bipolar and was passed around by relatives throughout his childhood, his attorney reportedly told jurors today.

The Santa Ana jury is tasked with considering whether to recommend a death sentence for the Los Angeles 28-year-old.

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Mateo Perez Hernandez, Wanted for Murder in Mexico, Nabbed in La Habra, Now Back Home

Photo courtesy of ICE
Mateo Perez Hernandez gets a ride home.
We often hear (and report) about murders where the main suspect is presumed to have fled to Mexico.

But the border door swings both ways.

Homeland Security's U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reports Mexican national Mateo Perez Hernandez was recently arrested in La Habra and transported back to Mexico, where he was wanted for a 2010 murder.

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