Pissed at the Pastor: Phil Aguilar's Former Followers are Fuming!

Last week's cover story on Phil Aguilar, the pastor of Anaheim's Set Free Church, didn't go unnoticed by former members of what used to be one of the biggest mega-churches in Orange County. As the article explained--although in not as much detail as some might have preferred--Aguilar has a controversial history as a church leader. Accusations of cultishness, mind-control, verbal abuse and physical intimidation led to splits within the congregation and ultimately a mass exodus.

There are already 15 comments on the story and except for one reader who just wanted to say the story was interesting and he liked the cover photo, the closest thing to positive feedback so far seems to involve folks who want you to know that they have a really fantastic selection of Nike Air Jordans that can be shipped to your door. Who knew?
Well, here' s a typical viewpoint:

"Typical OC Weekly; make spitheads look like good guys, and make good guys look like spitheads. Keep peddling your liberal rag....."

It's unclear who are the "good guys" this commenter is talking about. Maybe the Hell's Angels?

Several readers offered to provide damning details about Aguilar's tenure at Set Free, as well as put us in touch with other church defectors, but so far, nobody has followed up on that offer. Meanwhile, here's a taste of the general reaction so far:

*Why do u guys write about Douche bags....What a clown. He uses god as a front!....I grew up with set free and can honestly say it made me resent god for a long time. He bares a bad witness and should be ashamed of his actions.

*I was a member of Set Free Church from 1991-1993...I only attended church, bible studies, outreaches, etc....I started uncovering countless dark secrets and lies that were being filled into the heads of the women that lived in the homes at Set Free. I was told many times that the men were very authoritative, demanding that the women be submissive and not ask questions.... Pastor Phil is still able to rome the streets and terrorize people by sending his "dogs" to do his dirty work! Pastor Phil hides behind the bible and the people he uses as puppets to claim his innocence.

*I am very happy that you had the huspah to bring light to another glorified, convicted child molester...this zebra will never lose his stripes, as expressed by the additional tattoos applied to his face. if I appear to be a little miffed by this particular individual, that would be an understatement at best.

*Just so you know phil is a piece of shit liar!!! I worked for him and know he's no innocent Christ like dude! He's a clown! He got off easy with his bible full of lies! Fuck OC Weekly!!
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Phil's arrest records are public so that needs to be posted.  Also Geronimo based his entire testimony on being a scary gangbanger on the streets in LA.  He was a cute 13 year old boy living with his Jewish grandparents one block from where Phil had a church.  He came there willing and very healthy. 

This man if you can call him that, has been a fraud since 1982 when he started his first church.  It was not long that the truth about him came out.  But, it was his truth, saying he hurt people and was a crazy karate guy.  The fact was he put his own stepson in the hospital for twisting his genitals.  He also beat up his former girlfriends child.  During his time as Pastor it was all the normal healthy people that ran the church.  Daily he drove around in his car and screwed every young girl he could.  After that it didn't matter what they looked like, he'd screw them.  Many got pregnant and he forced them to get abortions with threats.  HIs own sister in law had his child and both of them never told the brother/husband.  It only gets worse.  His son Geronimo has taken it seemingly another level by finally having the truth come out about the sex he's been having with anyone and everyone.  Only thing Gerinomo started younger.  The girls that are coming forward are saying under 14, but the police report is 9 years old.  9 years old having full blow intercourse and sodomy with both those underage girls.  There are so many witnesses and proof of her abortion that he has not chance.  I'm once again sickened to hear these two horrible pieces of an example of human crap are in the news.   They are failure from the get go.  Someone needs to post the real police report on both of them.  They won't stop.  Not until they having sex performed on them in prison.    


@FirstHandKnowledge I know Pastor Phil, we all have sin, and that is why we need Jesus! The truth is there is two sides to ever story. So you need to interview Phil also!

I think if you dig down in any church you will find this or that wrong! We are sinners! I can only pray we are all working to be better every day ya know!

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