Nadya Suleman Gets Vivid Offer That Keeps Her Clothes On and Octomom Away From Porn Sets

Like a guardian angel, Vivid Entertainment has been there for Octomom Nadya Suleman. When the mother of 14's struggles to stave off foreclosure on her La Habra home were first publicized earlier this year, the pornpresario Steven Hirsch offered Suleman $1 million to have sex in an adult film. She declined. Later offers came to simply appear, clothed, in a porn for $500,000 and to work as a production assistant on film shoots for $1,000 a day. Octomom declined both. Now that her note holder is saying she must pay a $450,000 balloon plus interest by New Year's Day or she and her brood are out, former Orange County resident Hirsch is trying to hire Suleman to co-host a party for Chatsworth-based Vivid at next month's AVN Awards in Las Vegas.

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Several adult and gossip sites are abuzz with the latest Vivid offer, including TMZ, which also broke the news that Amer Haddadin has had it with Suleman's empty promises of payment and has served Octomom's lawyer with a demand letter for the full mortgage and interest.

No details were released on how much Vivid is offering to pay Suleman or whether she has rejected the offer that was sent to the same lawyer who received Haddadin's Dear John letter.

But if Octomom does take the money to host, I'd suggest she demand payment upfront, before Jan. 1.

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