OC Supervisor: Let's Renege on Public Employee Union Contracts

Clown or soothsayer?
Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach says there are three options to how the county can face an alleged looming financial disaster regarding county employee pension and benefit plans.

First, the employee unions can refuse to negotiate down benefits and face years and years of no pay raises as well as massive layoffs.

Or, the public can vote to give supervisors the legal authority to renege on current labor contracts in the hopes of unilaterally slicing employee benefits.

Or, lastly, the unions can accept further benefit reductions that end the specter of another county bankruptcy.

"Sometimes in life you have to go backward to move forward," Moorlach wrote in Dec. 10 guest editorial in The Orange County Register.

In union management circles, Moorlach, a conservative Republican from Costa Mesa, is considered a two-faced clown because while he complains about employee benefits he enjoys lucrative taxpayer funded perks like $700-a-month in a car allowance as well as medical insurance that's likely the best and most expensive on the planet.

On Tuesday, the board of supervisors will discuss its annual Strategic Financial Plan that Moorlach says predicts financial "disaster" if union reforms aren't soon enacted. 

You can read the supervisor's editorial HERE.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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