[UPDATED:] OC Register Calls Plagiarism On ESPNEWS Anchor Will Selva

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Will Selva
Update, December 29, 9:40 p.m.: Will Selva has apologized to Ding and has reportedly been suspended by ESPN. His explanation, as posted by the Register: "As I often do, I research local stories to use as background for writing my script. In this case, I cut and pasted the story with every intention of writing my own. I simply forgot and I completely understand why this is a major problem. I sincerely apologize for my sloppiness."

When the Register's NBA columnist Kevin Ding went back to his hotel room after last night's Lakers-Spurs game, he flipped on the TV to catch ESPNEWS' Highlight Express

Then he heard something alarmingly familiar.

His words.

In the lead-in to his game recap, anchor Will Selva read the intro of Ding's column, published on Sunday.

Word for word.

Christmas isn't over yet, Lakers fans.

The big game, it turns out, will be the game after the supposed Game of the Year.

In San Antonio on Tuesday night, the Lakers will be out to give themselves and their fans the much-needed gift of hope.

Selva's transcript, as posted by SPORTSbyBROOKS, reads:

00:04:41 >> Christmas isn't over yet.

00:04:43 The big game I it turns out is the game after the supposed game of f the year.

00:04:47 In san antotonio, on tuesday night, t the l lakers w were out to give t themselves and t their fans the much-needed gift of hope.

Here's Ding's post about the ordeal. As you probably know, plagiarism is a big deal and Ding writes that the Register is contacting ESPNEWS Senior Coordinating Producer Mark Preisler for a comment.

Use your (own) words, ESPN.

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