California Adventure to Remove Oversized "California" Letters at Entrance

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Courtesy of Disney
Gone Jan. 4!
Better take all those photos you've ever wanted with the oversized letters standing at the entrance to Disney's California Adventure while you can.

In a further effort to rev up and change the park into, well, something even more likeable, Disney has decided to remove the giant statues spelling out "California" for the time being--but don't worry, they assure us that they're being put into storage for (perhaps) future use.

Courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog
The new entrance will be taking its inspiration from the Pan-Pacific Auditorium, a landmark structure that once stood in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles. The auditorium met its untimely fate when it was destroyed by a fire in 1989.

Courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog
The new entrance, envisioned by artists.
You'll remember that California Adventure has kicked off a makeover to resemble the California Walt Disney saw when he first arrived in the 1920s.

The "California" letters will be removed Jan. 4, 2011.

For even more info, see the Disney Parks Blog

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