Arrested Development Movie: Coming 2012?

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Us, too, Tobias. Us, too.
We've been tracking its progress for a while, but the best television series ever to be based in Orange County--and really, best television series ever?--at long last is (seemingly) really going to be made into a film after all.

And, on top of it all, Arrested Development the Movie not only has an approximate release date, but also a movie poster as well. 

Okay, fine: So it's a fan-made poster found via gossip site OhNoTheyDidn't (LiveJournal lives!) but the date doesn't seem like it could be too off, right?

via ONTD
Arrested Development the Movie: Perchance to dream.

But what's most important here? has updated the Arrested Development info page with an official release date: 2012. See?

General fan reaction?

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