Anthony Jasso, Laguna Beach Musician, Popped in Federal Child Porn Sting Against Pedophile Group "The Lost Boy"

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Anthony Jasso is a musician of some note in Orange County--he's played the Coach House, different bars, street fairs and the like with former partner Ken Garcia. Why no longer the group Jasso and Garcia? Because Jasso has pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to advertise child pornography.

The Coastline Pilot has the story, because Jasso is a Laguna Beach guy (and they also make the unfortunate word choice of referring to child pornography as "child erotica"--does the Diocese of Orange serve as editors over there? How is the rape of innocents "erotica"?). Prosecutors accuse Jasso of belonging to an international bulletin board call the Lost Boy that...

...not only distributed images of child pornography but hosted events where children were raped. SICK SICK SICK.

Others feel the same way. A YouTube commentator named eldiablojasso has gone around to the various videos on the site featuring Jasso to blasting his boy-loving ways.

"You people are sick for listening to a sexual predator, eldiablojasso commented on one video. "Anthony Jasso is going to prison for CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. And Kenny your just as bad for sticking up for him. Sick bastard! "

Another video features what's allegedly Jasso's daughter singing that famous Jason Mraz song I can't remember--oh, it's "I'm Yours." "Too bad your Dad Anthony is a pedophile...likes to rape little boys and film them" eldiablojasso posted. The video was taken last year at a Laguna Beach Street Fair and captures many young children dancing in front of the stage, an absolutely horrifying spectacle given what we now know about Jasso.
And, finally, one more comment posted by eldiablojasso, alleging Garcia and Jasso are related:

Too bad Kenny your cousin is a pedophile. After you told me he was cool. I'll never let you forget this. He ruined so many boys lives. He's sick and I hope he rots in prison for what he's done. Pedophiles have NO PLACE ON YOU TUBE. So Anthony JASSO you scumbag, karma is a killer.

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