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Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

ShaunyeWesst: Just ate my turkey leg, drunk as fuck walking through Disneyland. I love my fam

Binnabag: I Just Wanna Say Its Weird Being At Disneyland Knowing Your ExBF Is Here Also W/The Bitch That Hates You & Took Ur Friend Away!
highLiFEacexD: #IRemember we randomly met this white bitch off a pill at Disneyland, took her bacc 2 the trucc, she was playin so @ayeDuggie threw her out
sheilavallejos: i really should just live at disneyland, i'm there everyday anyway. the commute is a bitch.
Bitchonster: Being a bitch at Disneyland should be illegal #justsayin
VxNekoxV: Disneyland has stray kitties running around soooo cute *feeds it*.... they are soo fat <3
Biebersecurity: fI have a phobia of people dressed up in big fat animal costumes.. I'm never gunna go to Disneyland :L
mikecarano: Big fat guy at Disneyland explaining he can save 10 minutes of walking by taking the monorail. You'll probably lose it back in lifespan.
_AndrewBlue: @jtorres_ likes to eat those big ugly nasty Turkey Legs from @Disneyland .. -_- lol
shannonrich: God I hate these new Disneyland commercials! I don't want to take my kids to Disneyland but these commercials make me feel like the mean mom
jessicaaalynn: umm just because we're cousins, doesn't mean i can get you into disneyland two times in one week.
yourwishcake: Why can't I just live at Disneyland? I mean, really.
IloveGio17: Yea Disneyland doesn't make your drems come true! I mean I'm not a prefessional soccer player yet! Stupid liars!
lasciviousdave: Dear dad, Just because we are at Disneyland, doensn't mean you can blast Disney songs in the car. -_-
MsElvisFrshly: @ashcrackkk's at Disneyland right now. Told her to tell Donald Duck I <3 him, bitch couldn't even do that. Shes only good for sex, I swear.
EdgardoLaSalle: @kbride85 and I r so drunk we walked into disneyland just to eat clam chowder bowls

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