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Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

tundrabunny: Made an executive decision: Ice Cream counts as lunch in Disneyland.


TyshoneRoland: Disneyland has a ugly dumb little brother named 6flags NEVER compare the two. Disney parking is even better.
idewalkJR: @jeshface True story - I actually had sex in an elevator. Econo Lodge outside of Disneyland back in 2001.
_idamarieee: Disneyland would make the pain go away. Or musicals. Or mydol. Or Godiva chocolate truffle ice cream with caramel ribbon.
handlths: WTF Disneyland didn't let me in cuz of my t shirt WTF. They said it's inappropriate
DaveMendez: Apparently people get drunk at Disneyland. What??
JAZZyMOiSThEE1: @Kyle_Klean i wnna go to disneyland < thats koo 2. i could just imagine gettin drunk beatin on all the disney mascots lol
imCJB: I'm drunk at 730pm... That only means one thing.. I'm going to #elecTRONica at #Disneyland
FacianeA: Just reminds me of shitty haunted mansion. Why?! :( RT @CAntista: Sweet, first day of Christmas decorations in Disneyland.
LoveThaBiebs: RT They say Disneyland is the happiest place in the world...they obviously haven't been to a Justin bieber concert(:
1bigant: Smh this nigga from orange county talkin bout they got hoods.. Where u from east side knotts? Disneyland piru ? \_(0_o)_/
JasmineMrtnz: "I used to work with Snow White & she was kind of a bitch" -- Former Disneyland employee, @iamashleynicole
_SALVADOR_: People are always like "why do you go to disneyland all the time? dont you get bored of it" BITCH IF ITS FREE WHY NOT GO.
alicianicole22: @liltoniboo Disneyland. Without me!? Booooooo u whore
ada860: what does Viagra and Disneyland have in common.?? they both make you stand around for an hour waiting for a two minute ride. LMAO
e_a_tveitmoeSFG: Couples at #Disneyland are hella gross. #getaroom
TyshoneRoland: They don't take simba seriously here at Disneyland. #smh
GaryJBusey: Disneyland + Meth Lab = Walmart.

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