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Welcome to Tweets From the Park!, where we round up the best, funniest and most irreverent tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

Gutter559: Disneyland is the shit, and Walt Disney was a real G
wlarro: Game I play with myself while waiting in line at Disneyland: Fat or Prgnant?

dannyBstyle: so there's no way to cancel a Disneyland season pass. guess for the next year, a whore goes to Disneyland on my dime! oh well.
NotDickCheney: @GapedCrusader's wife is such a mean ugly cunt that when she smiles, a magical fairy dies in Disneyland
CAntista: No porn on the Disneyland Hotel TV but, I shit you not, fucking BLAM... And not even an "episode" but an extended best of hocking the DVD
CrazyRegg: Lots of costumes at Disneyland today. There's a 40's Whore, Slut Minnie Mouse, and a realistic Creepy Child Predator...
rhi_Cherrybomb: Disneyland tomorrow and 93degrees. Oh shit.
0O0000O0: Going to Disneyland with @fantastak tomorrow. We are going to party so hard in toon town n shit. Gunna hang with Mickey and do kool stuff.
iimagineKillsz: @tiffanykills GAY ASS DISNEYLAND! fml this shit is soo whack!
DUNX: yo the first time I got my period was on a family vacay to disneyland. That shit SUCKED. death-by-lulz
Savannah1904: Half way to disneyland and we gotta turn round ain't that some shit
KorinIsAHoe: Whores o plenty, wannabe mickey mouse from #vmas & the swat team... Shit's going down. Wait, nope. Just Halloween @ the disneyland resort.
jellydonut18: lol day at Disneyland?¿?¿ am i the only one that thinks thats fucked up, its like if disneu is telling kids to be gay, wtf
BloodyFangs22: Next Step: Sex at Disneyland. Has anyone else done it there?
katherinexryan: "ive never had bday sex""liar""giving your bf head at disneyland on your bday doesnt qualify""katie...youskank!"#bffconvo
joshuaj7: sex in the haunted house nye 97 :) @Disneyland What's the most exciting thing that's ever happened to you at Disneyland Resort?
Fowler_IGN: While @EricIGN cavorts around Disneyland, I'm going to watch him talk about boobs on TV Guide channel's Sexy Beasts special.
mikeanese: hey old fat guy in the bathroom at disneyland... put ur dick away & zip up BEFORE stepping away from the urinal... sick.
Sml_Tori: Now i know why i never ate those big suckers from disneyland #gross
ravefamous: Someone brought their cat on a leash to Disneyland.. No... Really
amyululani: Ok wow, Disneyland stinks. Like literally smells like poo. Gross! Plug your nose on the tram ride!
Hernandezlive: Is there anything wrong with getting your hand stamped as you 'exit' Disneyland JUST for the smell of the ink from the stamp? HA!
crisy_yee: I'm gonna dress up as Chuck E. Cheese, go to Disneyland, and convince kids I'm Mickey Mouse's weird uncle.
HotSake: Today at Disneyland: weird guy in line ahead of us to meet Pluto, wearing a Stitch hat & hands, started rubbing his crotch as he got his hug
that_cat_guy: @THEsaragilbert quit looking for you when a 3 ft tall vader elbowed me in the dick. disneyland can be quite dangerous.
charles_jensen: We just groomed the dog, then shaved the cat, and now...we're going to Disneyland.

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