Orange County DREAM Team Holds Early-Morning Protest off I-5 Overpass in Favor of DREAM Act

Today is a national day of action in favor of the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation before Congress that would create a path for citizenship for undocumented college students, and the Orange County Dream Team participated in dramatic fashion: they hung a banner this morning off Broadway in SanTana, the part of the street that goes over the 5 Freeway and spills into MainPlace Mall.

Despite the sub-40-degree temperature,, see the photo for yourself after the jump!
Photo courtesy of Orange County Dream Team
​Seven protesters--some undocumented, some not; doesn't really matter to us, and nor should it to you--hung their banner from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. They joined fellow protests across the country
and will have another action later today and also tomorrow. See you there!

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