Federal Judge Grants Partial Victory for Liberal OC in its Pissing Match Against Orange Juice! But Calls Boths Sides "Childish"

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In perhaps the greatest waste of a courtroom in this county since the Rocco trial, a federal judge has sided with the Liberal OC in its lawsuit against the Orange Juice! blog. But U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter was hardly sympathetic to the Liberal OC.

"This case tells the story of an ongoing rivalry," Carter wrote in his 13-page opinion, "and depicts the resulting childish conduct by both parties." More after the jump!

Carter found Orange Juice! guilty of common law trademark infringing for publisher Art Pedroza linking URLs he bought that had the same name as Lib OC writer Dan Chmielewski's personal business back to the Orange Juice! website, and unfair business practices for Pedroza posting nasty remarks about the Liberal OC universe on his blog. But the judge denied their cybersquatting and conversion claim, and wrote the civil conspiracy charge fell "woefully short." Orange Juice! or Pedroza or whoever owe the Liberal OC $17,000 in damages--far short of the $600,000 plus attorney's fees they were seeking.

Liberal OC attorney and Larry Agran acolyte Todd Gallinger told the Weekly in an email that they are still pursuing damages against Pedroza as an individual. Oy vey...and meanwhile, Republicans continue to run Orange County, and Miguel Pulido lords over SanTana.

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