Don't Wanna Wait in Line on Black Friday? Pay This Guy To Wait For You

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So you really want that Blu-Ray player that's $40 off at Best Buy on Black Friday, but you don't want to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to stand in line for hours, fighting the cold air and your beckoning bladder? 

This guy will wait for you. 

Just give him $500, or your best offer.

That's what he offers in this Craiglist ad

"Dont want to wait in line for black friday??? I will wait for you .... I have a Guaranteed # 1 Spot In line for A Best Buy in Orange County ...... Guaranteed all Vouchers to any Door Buster that you want. SAVE HUNDREDS of Dollars. Get all ITEMS GUARANTEED .......... ASKING a DONATION OF 500 OBO."
His name is Ray and he says he's already in line at an undisclosed Best Buy in Orange County. Reply to his ad if you want details. He says this is the first time he's offered this service.

With a limited number of vouchers given out for sale items, his creative entrepreneurship probably won't be so popular with fellow line-waiters. 

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