"Ask a Chola" Unmasked, and Guess What? She's from Santa Ana!

In the world of "Ask a..." Internet phenomenons, Ask a Chola ranks somewhere between Ask a Korean and Ask a Ninja: a woman bedecked in a bandanna, saucer eyes and pasty skin visible, offering absurdist "comedy" by pretending to be a chola. I have to admit: I liked it better when Gwen Stefani did the gabacha gangsta schtick--at least she gave a shout-out to a chola at Loara High as inspiration for her look. I've only seen some of Ask a Chola's YouTube episodes and mildly laughed maybe twice. I much prefer her doctored pictures placing her face in different scenarios--with E.T., for instance, or other random shit. Anyhoo, there was a nasty 'Net battle involving her last week that outed her real identity to the world and involves our fair naranja.

The fake "Ask a Chola" profile picture...wish I had the more-damning shots, but they're all gone...and watch for the back-handed compliment of my columna!
Ask a Chola (which describes herself on her Twitter account as "a new media artist/cultural critic/anarchist/killer/blogger/chola. My reality is an experiment in web 2.0. Tweeting en Espanglish") has its fans, but also furious detractors that have long obsessed over her real identity and insist she makes a mockery out of Mexican women. Last week, someone set up a mock Ask a Chola page on Facebook and outed Chola for the world to see: her real name is Chloe Michalopolous, and she's a SanTana loft dweller.

Damn, that's thug life there!

"I'm a 36-year-old white woman named Chloe. I have repeatedly claimed that 'I am Aztlan,' that 'I am Mexican', and that 'I am a Chola," the mock page's "About Me" read. "However, none of this is true. I am simply a wealthy white girl who lives in a gentrified portion of Orange County known as Santa Ana. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans used to live there before until white people like me made sure to build lofts they couldn't afford to live in anymore."

The fake Ask a Chola Facebook page went on to show damning proof that Michalopolous and Ask a Chola were one and the same, most damning being two pictures that showed a smiling Michalopolous wearing a long-sleeved top with an alligator print, and the next one showing the same woman now donning the Chola green bandanna, the same saucer eyes, the same hair--one and the same.

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